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I put together this little sampling of vampire pieces for you.  Each one contains a vampire seedling.  You can use this seedling to birth one vampire.  It is the type of vampire that is listed in the title.  We have all different types so make sure you read all the offerings from this selection as each one contains slightly different characteristics than the next one.  I would read through the entire line up carefully before you choose which one is right for you. 

Remember, you are birthing this vampire, so it will bond to you immediately.  The more you stay in touch with this vampire, the stronger the bond will grow and the stronger your vampire's ability will grow.  Accordingly, the stronger your vampire the stronger your ability as this piece develops a direct connection between you and your vampire in a way that allows you to exhibit all the supernatural powers of that it has.  These vampires are eternal souls, so once it is birthed it is yours forever.  It will become your companion piece.  If you ever feel like you don't have time for this piece after you buy it, be sure to pass it on as the power in this item is very active!! 

Attached to this piece is the seedling of a very ancient form of vampire known as the Ekimmu.  The Ekimmu breed go back to the times of the ancient Assyrians and are the spawn of a spiritual type of magic that has been mixed with Necromancy to form a type of vampire that only has ever existed in spiritual form.  I know that these birthing pieces are giving you spirit form vampires, but this one gets extra experience points for the fact that they never were a breed that took on a physical vessel. 

With that being said, the numero uno power that is given to you by your seedling is the ability to possess other's bodies.  This means you can enter their mind and see and known all the things that they see and know.  If they know secrets, then you will know these secrets.  If they know magic then you will know their magic.  If you need to get inside an high security building such as the Pentagon or Area 51, you can use this piece to possess the body of somebody who holds access to these places.  This power is also very handy when trying to catch a liar or cheater in the act.  You can use it in countless ways. The ability is very rare and powerful. 

Oh, to use the possession powers in this piece, all you have to do is meditate with the piece.  You vampire will help you with this.  Then envisions the person's whose body you wish to possess and concentrate on entering his or her body.  You will then become one with you vampire and your vampire will possess the target's body, bringing you with it!!