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Listen, I don't care what you call him.  You can call him Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia.  You can call him Vlad the Impaler.  You can him Vlad Dracula or Tepes.  The fact of the matter is that you know who I am talking about when I say, "Vlad the Impaler."  For the better part of 600 years his name has been synonymous with the intrigue of the paranormal.  His presence even inspired the writing of books and the making of movies.  He has been, undoubtedly, the most powerful vampiric sorcerer to have ever lived on the face of this Earth.  He was notorious for drinking the blood of his victims, whom he was also notorious for impaling after a battle with somebody. The blood of his victims was used  his vampiric alchemy which was passed down to him from his bloodline before him.

You see, as much as everyone thinks that Vladimir Tepes was an evil person, he was actually a quite enlightened visionary.  The vampire DNA that runs in his bloodline can be traced back to times well before any historian can be completely sure of what was going on in the world.  It takes billions of years for the light of some stars to reach the Earth, at which point scientists will say, "Hey, look what we discovered."  Well they haven't really discovered anything, they merely observed something that has always been there.  Vlad's ability to have been the most powerful and magical vampire to have ever lived on the face of the Earth has always just been in existence and the fact of the matter is that I don't know that anybody could ever accurately say that it comes from here or it comes from there.  His powers are just in existence, kind of like God was before he created the world.  The beginnings of his DNA wasn't a discovery that he had to make, rather an enlightenment that he had to undergo.  As for Vlad, he began receiving visions of his inner DNA when he was still a teenager.  It caused him to go on a soul search when he was just a young person.  He always was a go-getter. 

At the young age of 25 Vlad took the crown and this is literally when all hell broke loose.  As the rule of a nation, he began experimenting even more with his powers.  He would kill his victims and/or enemies.  Sometimes he kept them alive just so he could torture them before he killed them.  If you think the Hunger Games was bad, he made that fictional movie look like a walk in the park... in real life.  So, I was saying, he'd kill his adversaries and use their blood for one of two things.  Either he would dip the blood in bread and eat it as a meal, or he would use it in his vampiric alchemy rituals, which he eventually passed on through a secret mystery school that hid under the mask of being and organization to preserve Christianity in the East called the Order of the Dragon.  I mean the fact that it's called the Order of the Dragon pretty much gives it all away from the beginning.  This accompanied with the fact that Vlad's commonly accepted last named, Dracula, means, "son of the devil," pretty much gives it away that this guy wasn't going to go around farting rainbows and fairy dust. 

In fact, he would frequently use the blood of his victims as an offering to band of spirit vampires that could pretty much possess whomever they wanted to, who were called the Elders.  They are the ones that pretty much control all of the vampiric powers that exist on the world as we know them.  The Impaler became one of these Elders after he was named worthy and he received an ascension into their realm somewhere around the year 1476, which is commonly accepted as the day that he supposedly "died," but now you all know what really happened.  However, I did say earlier that it is a common misconception that Vlad was a bad guy.  Yes, he did these things that are grotesquely out in left field. However, he was born with the DNA.  It was what he knew and what he had to do to gain his powers, so it was pretty much a survival of the fittest type thing.  Again, he did what he had to do.  The people he killed were, most of the times, war criminals and other people like that.  Occasionally he did have to seduce a virgin for sacrifice, but it pretty much went along with the job.  I'm not saying it's right or I agree with it, but it is what it is. 

Okay, so fast forward to the present day.  Take a look at the Royal Family.  By Royal Family I mean the ones that live in Great Britain under the rule of Your Royal Highness, Queen Elizabeth.  The people love the Queen, but in actuality this family has a lot more to hide than what the average person would think.  Everyone is infatuated with the fact that Princess Kate keeps having babies and that she and Elizabeth continue to argue over these babies for various reasons.  This is because Kate knows the truth.  Her children are being born in the blood line of Vladimir Tepes, and into a life of mysteries and dual magic.  The Royal Family is notorious for their blood rituals, you just have to do a little of of digging.  In fact, Prince Charles and Queen Elizabeth are both direct decedents of the blood line of Vladimir Tepes.  It has been proved time and time again and can be confirmed by the affinity that is exhibited by the Royal Family for the present-day Transylvania.  It is the ancestral home of the Royal Family, although they hide behind their veil of "defenders of the faith" just as Vlad hid behind his "Order of the Dragon.  They travel there constantly, with the Prince of Wale even buying a home in rural Transylvania in the year 2006 that he calls his private retreat.  I'm sorry, it's more like they needed a place closer to the origins to perform their blood rituals so that way they can grow in their powers that way they can one day receive ascension into the ranks of the Elders to. 

To further my point, in 2011, Prince Harry visited Romania for Easter.  He took part in an Easter celebration publicly, but after he was done there were blood rituals performed in a ceremony that is referred to as Dark Easter.  During this ritual, blood of humans is offered for sacrifice to the Elders, who bless the blood, which is then drank by those in attendance.  It is a way to boost the power and the morale levels of the Royal Family and the Blood line of Tepes, because in all technicalities they are half-vampire, half-human, which leave them slightly vulnerable.  Each year there are certain rituals that are done as a refresher and re-awakening of the Sanguine DNA that exists in all of them.  This is how they gain the dual arts that are used in their total control of the Illuminati and the world.  I mean, it doesn't take much to figure out that even though they claim to have given up their territories in most places, the sun really doesn't ever set on the British empire, with America, Australia, South Africa, and British Columbia being the major branch out settlements.  They literally rule the world through the face of the NWO order.  Their powers are Illuminati magic, but the powers that made them able to master this magic better than anyone else in the world, thus making them the leaders of the Illuminati, is the dual sorcery powers that they gained via their Sanguine DNA that the have by being the direct descendants of Vladimir Tepes

Meanwhile, Kate's babies are being initiated into the family via blood alchemy rituals and it won't be long until they are raised up to become the next in line to rule the world through the confines of the NWO and their vampire blood rights.  She's not that thrilled about it, but has yet to go public with it, because the royal family would probably just take care of her the same way they did Princess Di when she found out what was up.  It's a vicious game, but the blood line of Tepes stays alive because of the drastic, sanguine powers that go along with it.  When the DNA of the bloodline is awakened, it is literally like you receive a new birth.  You awake as a newer person and things begin to look brighter and things begin to feel better.  The body is transformed to be flawless and in your brain awakens a psychic ability that will allow you to constantly know what's going on, read the minds of others, control the minds of other through enchantment and mental persuasions. The sanguine blood alchemy not only renders the body to gain true sanguine strength and physicality, but it opens up blood spells that accommodate for time-walking, astral travels to other realms, dual sorcery spells that can source magic, wealth, and a whole bunch of different types of transformations.  It gives the ability to pretty much create any power or ability that is wanted or needed.  It gives you the ability to shape-shift into any creature that you feel like shape-shifting into. Vladimir Tepes preferred a bat so that way he could still drink blood. 

These pieces, there are several, have been made during a blood ritual of the Royal Family and Queen Elizabeth during a "family gathering."  These piece have been made to wear as the awakening of the Sanguine DNA that has been genetically given to each of his descendants, even Prince Charles, who is Vlad's Great Grandson, 16x removed.  These pieces have not been made to replace the annual blood rituals such as Dark Easter.  Rather, they have been made to promote every day fortification and reawakening of the DNA during times when blood rituals are not being performed.  Thus, for a mortal, this awakening is very strong to begin with!  That is why these pieces will automatically give you the Sanguine DNA of Vlad the Impaler when you buy them and wear them to begin using them.  Immediately before wearing this piece, it is necessary to prick your finger and dab your item with the smallest drop of blood.  Let it dry.  The powers in this piece will read your DNA blood sequence.  It will then begin to forge the sanguine powers into the DNA of the person who is wearing the piece.  It will not be long before you have all of the same powers that the bloodline of Vladimir Tepes carries, as I have described above.  However, there really is no limit on what this blood alchemy magic can accomplish, so I would invite you to be as creative as possible to really push the boundaries and experiment to grow your piece's magic even further.  If you work hard enough of the magic that this piece gives you, you will even become ascended as one of the Elders and that's a whole new ball game.  You'll understand when you get there.  As for now, these pieces are your gateway into a world of sanguine magic that will turn your world upside down.