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Okay, so we have to admit that Thomas Edison was one of the greatest inventors alive.  In astounding ways, he influenced the way society lives even to this day.  He was the progenitor of three things that have become very influential in today's society.  The first of these things is obviously the first known light bulb.  The second and third are the first sound recording system and the first motion picture.  This gave way to the entertainment industry as we know it today, and if we look back on the way that he revolutionized society you would almost think that his inventions took a little bit of magic to accomplish.  However, we have a little thing called "science" to explain why things work this way and why they don't work that way.  I mean, isn't science just an art of explaining the way naturally occurring energies work?  Sounds a little bit like magic to me. 

Either way, this is not what I'm getting at.  Instead, I want to focus on one of Edison's lesser known inventions.  It doesn't really have a name, nor does it have a specific face.  In fact, all the energy in his research was physiologically manipulated to be put into any ordinary object that you would want to put it in.  This is why we have this item.

Edison never seemed to sit still.  He was always looking for ways to invent new things.   When he became bored in 1878 he took upon the notion of communicating with the dead.  He found a group of people called the Theosophists, who stood firm on the ground that reincarnation was real-- a far out concept of the time that we at Haunted Curiosities know to be a solid truth.  After running several tests and experiments, Edison was able to come up with a rough sketch of how he could communicate with the dead-- by collecting the energy they leave behind when they die before they are reincarnated to new bodies. 

Here's the thing.  The human mind and soul are life forces.  They never die.  When our bodies die, this energy is emitted from the body to go where it will.  Some people believe that you will go to Heaven or Hell, other's believe that you become part of nature.  I'm not here to debate that.  I'm simply stating a fact.  Your energy lives on long after your physical body dies.  Thus, for a period, you are a floating orb of intelligence and energy bobbing around in our atmosphere until you go to Heaven or become a tree or whatever you believe in. 

Edison embraced this idea and and was able to "scientifically" (there's that word again) come up with a way that can collect the energy that is left over from a deceased individual.  In this way he was able to effectively communicate with the dead by knowing all that a particularly deceased individual knew and saw and felt.  Using this new technology that he developed Edison was able to not only become one of the best inventors in the world, but also one of the most powerful sorcerers to have ever exist on American grounds.  You'll never read about this in history books, though, because the government has kept these files classified.  They want to keep these types of inventions among their elite, so that way they can attain all the soul energy the want from the people the want.  Now, they can just kill off whomever they want for their knowledge, power, and magic.  This is probably why they had Kennedy assassinated.  He was full of wealth power! 

We have been able to come into contact with a few of these pieces.  These pieces are not originals made by Edison himself, rather they are replicates that hold the exact same power as the originals.  You can use these pieces on a daily basis.  There a millions of floating souls in the environment.  You can use this piece to read each and every soul and thought form that exists in our environment.  It's like playing that game where you have to pick up a duck to see if you got the winning number. Sometimes you win, sometimes you don't, but you never know until you try.  There is a wealth of ancient knowledge floating around in a realm that is unseen to ours.  The only way you are ever going to gain that knowledge is if you have a vehicle for communication with this knowledge.  That is essentially what this piece is offering you-- a way to communicate with the free thought forms and souls that exist, that way you can use them to replicate magic, power, knowledge, abilities, etc., basically you can use whatever you find useful and discard the rest.  It puts a whole new meaning to soul searching! 

We have three of these pieces.  Two of them are rings-- one of them a class ring and the other just a plain ring embelished with accents-- and one of them is a pair of earrings.  I'm not really sure how these pieces were chose, but they are made to be bland so they don't stick out from the norm, that way the powers that you have are always protected because people will not suspect them.