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Theodore Roosevelt is renowned for achieving many great things while he was the commander in chief of the Unite States.  For instance he is the winner of the Nobel Peace Prize.  He is remembered for having established the Nation Forest Service and making treaties so that way the Panama Canal could be built.  He is one of the four presidents that have his head carved into Mount Rushmore and he was one of the most patriotic presidents to have ever lived and served the United States before the regime became corrupt and the intentions became crooked.  He was an all-around good guy.  What isn't know about Teddy, as he was called, is the fact that he was a huge believer in the paranormal.  This believe came after he found what he described as a "great goblin-beast" in the woods. 

You see, Teddy was a natural frontiersman and before he became the president of the United States he spent many months living with trappers and hunters in the thick of the forest.  He was fascinated by nature and all that Mother Nature had to offer.  Ten years before he became president he even wrote a book about his experience.  It is from this book that we can extract the evidence that Teddy believed in the supernatural, although his book doesn't go quite as far into detail as an actual real life experience with the artifacts that can explain his bizarre experiences even better.

Years before anybody use the terminology Bigfoot, Teddy Roosevelt had a much more sinister way of describing what he thought he saw in the woods.  He called what he had seen in the woods, "Half man or half devil, some great goblin-beast."  In fact, we don't know for a fact if all Bigfoot sightings can be attributed to what I am about to tell you, however, we know that for the ones that are in America this is 97% of the times the case.  Other times it's literally just the brains of people seeing what they want see because they are superstitious and believe that they have seen a Bigfoot. 

The fact remains is that Teddy did not see a big-foot in the forest that day.  He describes his encounter of what he saw in small detail in the book he wrote before he became president.  However, he leaves out the fact that while he was in the thick of the forest, learning to trap and hunt, the group of men that he was with encountered an undiscovered Native American tribe.  This Native Tribe implored that Teddy didn't tell anyone, but Teddy wanted to share his experience.  That is why he twisted the story a bit when he was writing it and left this part out. 

While he was walking in the woods, he did come across a creature, however... it wasn't a Bigfoot it was what the Native clan described to him as a Skin-Walker.  A Skin-Walker is an individual that has been blessed by the gods, or has found another means, of shape-shifting into any animal or sub-animal form that he desires.  I have not a single clue what the beast that our former president found in the woods looked like other than the words he has used to describe it.  However, I can tell you he was both frightened and intrigued by its presence.  When the Natives told him that the beast he had encountered was actually a human with the ability to become whatever living species he wants, you can believe that he was in there like swimwear! 

As a gift for Teddy not divulging the secret existence of their tribe's presence, they gave him several items.  These piece had all undergone the magic of a ritual that the shaman of the clan had performed the prior day.  This is to say, that each of the pieces that Teddy was given had an enchantment by the gods that allowed whomever holds the piece to be able to become a skin-walker.   Again, a skin-walker is a person that has found a natural ability to shape-shift into any living creature of his or her choosing.  Teddy didn't have that natural ability, so the magic that has been placed into his items was the next best thing. 

Along the years, this magic has been dispersed into new items, as you can imagine some items just don't hold up over time.  The power has remained the same, however, and just as magical and effective.  We came into contact with one of these pieces during an investigation in Nebraska of all place.  I believe the place where these pieces were made was somewhere in Montana.  Teddy love Montana.  Although, I'm not really sure where they were made as Teddy agreed to keep up with his part of the bargain by not divulging the Natives secret existence.  I'm just lucky enough to know the back story to piece that we have acquired. 

While using this item, it makes it possible to become a skin-walker.  You can use this piece to shape-shift into any form that you want.  We have even kicked it a notch and experimented with this piece.  This piece will not only allow you take the natural form of any animal you want-- it will also do supernatural creatures.  It will allow you to transform into the likeness of a fairy, or a vampire, of an Elven prince, or a Leprechaun.  Whatever it is you want to use this piece to shape-shift into, you can!  It is literally a bar-no-holds type of magic.  It has no limits and will left you shape-shift into Elizabeth Bathory or Marie Antoinette if you want to.  It's really a bizarre magic, but it extremely powerful and very intriguing!  We have one of these pieces, for now, so if this is something you want, make haste!  Who knows how long we will have this incredible piece!