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The construction on the Empire State Building ended its journey in 1931.  It was the most magnificent building in the world and stood a proud 103 stories, more than 1,450 feet tall.  At this height it became a hotspot for troubled, hopeless people that wanted to end to it all.  With the invention of the American version of King Kong, the suicide plague only became worse.  Anybody who remembers the movie will recall the ending where, after being inflicted by machine gun and other types of wounds, King Kong lost his grip and fell to his death. Well, this began the wheel turning in some people's heads.  I can't really tell you what they were thinking, but it inspired a total of 16 people to jump from the building to their deaths.  I'm not being mean, but that had to one hell of a thrilling fall, as well as a long one.  In all honesty, I personally wonder what went through their head during their free fall.  They must've seen their life flash through their mind and then it was all over with so tragically. 

Fast-forward to a more modern time and the observatory deck at the Empire State Building now sports a very high fence and it has, for the most part, been effective in discouraging suiciders from trying to fling themselves to their death.  However, now there is a new phenomenon that has occurred.  People that visit the observatory deck witness a man running from the deck, through the fence and then disappearing into thin air. It has even been caught on camera as wispy forms of existence.  Surprisingly all of the accounts of the running man have remained pretty much cohesive and consistent.  It really sparked out interest in what exactly was happening at the Empire State Building.  We were first inclined to believe that maybe the building was built upon an ancient burial ground of some sort, which was causing it have recurring bad luck; but that wouldn't described the fact that the ghosts remained... unless there was something more at play. 

We got permission from higher-ups to do an "after-hours" seance on the observation deck.  Deedee knows Rudy Giuliani and he has pretty significant pull in these parts so it wasn't too hard to accommodate our investigation.  I'm not going to bore you with the fact that we had to three separate observation sessions, or with the first seance that was complete flop.  I'll get straight to the point to tell you that on our second try at a seance we were successful.  Deedee, myself, and the other person that we had with to help us were successful in pulling the spirit through the realms into our world.  Although the spirit didn't say anything, Deedee was able to get a psychic reading from the situation, which really summed up any questions that we had about the place.  We were able to transfer the energy from the seance into an item that we are obviously now offering for sale. 

During the seance, Deedee was able to read the spirit energy of the running man.  It turns out that there is no curse on the Empire State Building and that the suicides-- all 16 of them-- must've been sheer coincidence.  Perhaps the movie King Kong was an Illuminati experiment with mind control to condition those who felt their lives weren't worthy to off themselves.  It leaves me pondering the fact that there must have been scores of incidences where people hurled themselves from buildings like it was Black Tuesday or something.  Either way, I'm not here to argue Illuminati presences, even though we all know it's true.  Rather, during the seance Deedee was able to catch a bit of peculiar energy, which we were later able to find is attributed to a spot in the sky which the Empire State Building was built.

It turns out that Empire State Building was built to occupy a spot where there exists a time-loop.  A time-loop is an anomaly where things that are significant to a person in one way shape or form keep replaying themselves over and over again.  If you've ever watched the season of American Horror Story where they are all witches in New Orleans, then you can envision this like the Hell of Papa Legba.  The event, whether good or bad, continues to play itself over and over and over again.  After doing research, I even came up an instance in which one of the workers on the same floor of the observatory deck "slipped" through time to the Jurassic period, where she said New York was an actual forest, not the concrete jungle as it has been so colloquially coined.  Either way the fact remains that there is some sort of time-loop or time-slip anomaly on the floor of the Observation Deck of the Empire State Building. 

We have been able to channel this energy into this colleciton of items.  They are desigend such as to allow you to summon the power of the time anomaly to travel into time.  It will allow you to travel to any point in time that you want to with the following conditions.  This is not a piece that allows you to travel into space.  If you want a piece like that, contact one of us.  We have plenty.  Rather, this piece is one that allows you to travel across the time continuum of the world, beginning with its creation when the world was a mass of water and energy.  All you have to do to activate the powers in your piece is to sit down and meditate.  You must envision in your mind where you want to go, using your whereabouts as your astral platform from which you will jump.  When you have a certain picture in your mind focus on it and before long you will find that you are travel through the folds and bends of time.  You will end up in the place which you were envisioning, taking form as if you were actually there!  Now, we have used this piece to travel to a few places during the testing thereof.  If amassing power and magic is your objective then this piece is ideal, because it will allow you to travel to ANY point in time!  You can travel to Atlantis if you want, or to King Arthur's round table.  You can travel back to the time when the Pyramids were being constructed or to ancient China to gain the power of the Orient.  Then, of course, this piece will allow you travel in time to see things that you could never see in present day.  Dinosaurs, anyone?  That's pretty amazing!  You don't want to miss your chance, so if this is something you are interested in let one of us know immediately!!