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If you've ever seen a Western Movie-- especially one of the ones they call Spaghetti Westerns-- then you know that the sheriff in town has one and one job only.  However, I'm going to tell you right off the bat that this is a story in which the bad guys win.  It doesn't happen often, but like I tell everyone, there always has to be a balance of good and evil.  Evil had to win sometimes in order to maintain the homeostasis existence.  It is just ironic the fashion that this story takes place, although it is all too common place with the "good-cop-bad-cop" scenario.  When Henry Plummer arrives the town of Bannack, Montana nobody would have ever thought such a thing.  He was a perfect gentleman and impressed the townsfolk with his good mannerism and willingness to go over the top to do a good deed.  Something should've seen a bit fishy then, but in less than a year from his arrival in 1862, Plummer was hastily elected town sheriff.  After all, he was such a good man, right? 

I hate to tell you guys, but this is where the story turns ill.  It would turn out that Plummer was actually the genius ringleader of a group of nasty, cutthroat thieves and robbers.  Under the new law in town at least a hundred people were killed with the first five months.  When the constituents of Bannack began suspecting Plummer's men were up to no good they brought them to the sheriff.  The men would undoubtedly yell out, "I'm Innocent!" At hearing this, Plummer would grant them their request, letting them off Scot free, while all the while knowing the game plan.  Thus, Plummer and his group of robbers were coined the Innocents.  It didn't take long until the innocence was denied, however, and a group of local men made their own gang called the Montana Vigilantes.  They took justice into their own hands and caught the innocents one by one, showing no mercy and hanging them on the spot.  After being hung, the group of thieves were tossed into a secret catacombs where which was bound by a spell to toss their souls into the pit of Hell.  The Innocents would instantly pay the price for their crime and do so for the dawn of eternity!  Or would they? 

The burgeoning town of Bannack wasn't ready for what was about to happen next.  After catching and hanging the leader of the Innocents, Henry Plummer it seems as though the Vigilantes luck took a turn for the worse.  Instead of sentencing the group to Hell as originally supposed, the catacombs of the the Innocents, which was secluded along the banks of Grasshopper Creek, held a different spell altogether.  The best explanation of the matter is that this is what happens to people who aren't practice witches dabbled in witchery.  Instead the spell took the Innocents in a whole new direction and not long after the ringleader had been hung and thrown into the tomb, reports of Plummer sightings began circulate. 

Undergoing a transformation, Plummer and his gang resurfaced as the undead, back with a vengeance, terrorizing the town but this time in the form of a sanguine vampire.  No longer did Plummer wish to satisfy his craving for wealth and gold.  Instead, he went on a blood lust, killing more people from the town than he had ever during his mortal life.  There was one catch-- Plummer and his crew couldn't leave the city limits of Bannack.  At first the townsfolk began to come together, forming a band of vampire hunters that actually sought and killed off some of Plummer's men.  When things began to get bad, they deserted the area, which was of course attributed to the naturally processes of a gold rush. 

To this day Plummer and the men he has left inhabit the old buildings of Bannack, which has become a complete ghost town.  The town's desertion, like I've said, has been attributed to the fact that it wasn't going to last long anyhow due to the fact that the gold in Grasshopper Creek had been expired.  It was turned into a state park not long after the 1940s when it the last stragglers in town left the establishment.  The buildings, however, remained and so has Plummer.  Ghost stories about Plummer and sightings of entities that appear to be his ghost circulate, but people don't realize that it's actually him in sanguine form.  He has given up on hunting humans these days, simply due to the fact that there are none around.  Instead, he feasts on animal and animal blood, bound by spell to the lands that he terrorized as a human.  That was until we caught wind of the story and took a trip to Montana. 

While in Bannack, we held a summoning seance.  The presence of Plummer and his gang was so strong that I'm surprised that a ritual such as this one hasn't been done before.  However, first come first served and apparently we were the first to come.  Thus, we called for Henry Plummer in a seance in which he appeared to us in fully sanguine form.  We agreed to reverse the spell that binds him to the land under one condition-- he must agree to be bound this piece.  He agreed and the powers in this piece were born.  This piece summons the likeness of the fully sanguine Henry Plummer.  He can not hurt you because we have put a spell in the piece that renders any attempt for him to retaliate as useless.  Using this piece you can attain any and all sanguine vampire abilities that you choose to attain.  I'm talking about full sanguine range of powers without the need to actually undergo a transformation.  Any sanguine power that you can imagine is possible with this piece, you just have to ask Henry for it.  And old Henry, he's so grateful to be out of Bannack he'll agree to give you just about anything you want... mind control, astral travels, shapeshifting, sanguine strength and agility, telepathy, prediction of the future, Sanguine sorcery.  Shoot, he is an entity and if you ask him will even give give you astral, sanguine sex, which is on the same level as sex with a succubus.  Oh yeah!!  My point is, this piece is very powerful and there is nothing sanguine that it cannot do!