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If you are a female, I think you will better understand the point I am trying to make.  However, if you are not a female, I want you to open up your mind and expand it as far as it will go so you can understand what I am trying to say.  The thing of it is, I want you to leave your masculinity to the side for a second and pretend that you are meek and helpless.  Not saying all females are meek, I'm just saying that in a situation such as I'm about to describe, men would want to puff up their chest and defend their dignity of just that-- being a man.   So, here it goes.  We are in medieval times, where the final say belongs to the Kings, Queens, and other nobility.  You are a rather attractive young peasant girl, working hard to make a living for your family.  Maybe you spin, maybe you clean, maybe you do things you ought not to do.  Along comes a queen that has been notorious for accusing people of things that they've never done just to so that she can have them as prisoners.  Nobody ever hears from the prisoners again.  She points to you, accuses you, and then loads you up. 

Hours later you find yourself in a cell among horrid things.  There is a prisoner girl lying in the corner barely alive, scarcely able to make a sound for help.  It doesn't matter even if she did.  She's already been accused by the queen.  This is her fate to suffer; but it gets worse.  Off in one direction there is a basin.  In the basin is blood.  Not just any blood but  stagnant blood that gives off an metallic odor of decay.  There are no bones, or bodies, just blood that is beginning to congeal in a basin.  All of a sudden you hear a booming voice telling the guards to send in the new girl.  You begin to panic.  In your brain you know that there is no way out of it as the guard grabs you up and begins to escort you away to the chambers of the queen.  You are shackled and pinned down in a device that looks like a modern day hospital bed.  It almost looks like an implement you'd find in an asylum.  You begin to scream and then you hear a woman's voice bellow out with laughter telling you to scream all you want that nobody can hear year.  Fear begin to set it and you know that if you make it through the night, you will have better luck than most, except for maybe the girl that you roomed with for a few hours that was starving away to nothing at all. 

The queen approaches, bares her fangs and sinks them deep into you.  For the first time you realize what this all means.  You realize that you have been captured to feed the blood thirst of a queen that has never been exposed for vampirism, yet here you are, her next victim and probably not your last.  Warmth spreads through your body and much to your pleasure you begin to feel orgasmic vibes flow throughout entire body.  It's not what you thought it might have felt.  You begin to writhe with pleasure as the queens fangs shoot rays or orgasmic vibes through your entire body from head to foot.  In your state of sheer euphoria and fear and everything else that is running through your brain, you begin to lose consciousness and although it is hard to conceive, you know that your life is about to be over.  Then, the euphoria turns to a burning sensation and your body begins to shake violently and your head it thrown back in a fit of seizure.  The queen yells out to the guards, "She is finished get her out of here."  You are barely in a state of consciousness and things are extremely hazy like a bad dream.  Armored men come to pick you up and toss you down a shoot as your body still writhes in what has become an overbearing, painful sensation throughout your entire body.  you finally come to rest outside on the cold ground, but you don't remember this because the last thing you remember was tumbling down the shoot before the pain became so unbearable you lost all livelihood. 

When you wake up you know that you've been lying on the ground for a few days at minimum.  You stand up and to your astonishment there is no pain at all and you make the stride in one smooth movement.  You begin to walk around and realize that your body feels more lively and springy than ever before.  You discover that you can jump high into the hair and that you can run at a speed that is unexplainable.  You stop by a pond, because your sense of smell has become to overbearing that you need to get a better view of what you smell, which are some fish that have schooled in a pond.  It is then that you notice you don't look anything like yourself; not a thing like yourself at all.  By this time the gratitude that you have been spared your life leaves and the realization sets in that you have been transformed into the same creature as the queen.  You take to the woods, hunting the blood of animals that way you don't have to commit the same heinous crimes as the queen has.  It isn't long before you begin to sense the presence of others like yourself in your head; maybe a day or two.  You use it like sonar to locate others that Bathory has also transformed who have also taken to the woods in a vow to never use their new powers for the murder of innocent victims.  Meanwhile, Bathory is at home in her castle continuing to kill young girls, bathing in and drinking their blood. 

You realize that there are several people tied together the same way you found your first comrade in vampiric life.  You begin to wonder if you should show yourself to your family, but you know that it will just add to their hurt and sorrow.  Besides you look nothing like you did before you were completely transformed.  You begin to wonder whether they'd even believe you if you did tell them what happened, especially since you don't look anything like your former self.  It is then that you realize the other maidens that you have found in the woods behind the castle-- and one man-- are the only real family you have left.  Thus, you all band together with a common mission to only use your powers for white light purposes and never evil.  You also vow to reap vengeance upon Bathory for her evil ways.  Your knew group is called the Maidens of Bathory.  It becomes more like a paranormal sorority and as far away as you may travel in search for truth, more power, wealth, whatever it is you travel for, you know that you are always connection to your sisterhood by the common bond that you all share.  You have all been birthed by the same monstrous mother, Elizabeth Bathory

Okay, now that I am done giving you that description, I want the reader to now that this isn't just a description I made up, it is one that is very true.  It recounts the experience, albeit briefly, thank one young girl went through when being turned by Elizabeth Bathory, one of the most notorious Vampire Queens to have ever scathed the face of the Earth in the guise of a human.  She is responsible for thousands of deaths, mostly of young girls.  Some of them didn't survive their transformation.  Some of them did.  Bathory, however, has no clue that she was even transforming the group.  She thought she was just disposing of bodies; however, she birthed one of the strongest Vampiric Sisterhoods to exist, who call themselves the Maidens of Bathory.  I can only tell all of you this in confidence because I have these pieces.  They are original cameo pendants from the Maidens of Bathory sisterhood.  They were made by the sorority for the purpose of holding all of the powers throughout their travels on Earth.  These pieces were acquired on the underground market by a worker that we have who spotted them and quickly scooped them up.  We have been waiting for a piece like this for quite some time.  Well, we actually have two of these cameo pieces in full original form.  They look quite different from one another and that is perfectly fine as they hold the same powers and the powers is what we are after. 

When you wear this piece, you will assume the full identity of one of the Maidens of Bathory.   This means that you will be given a full knowledge of what it means to be one of the sisters.  You can use this piece as a man or a woman.  It does not matter. The power you get with the piece have no gender, they are powers.  You will be able to, with one of these items, experience what it feels like to have been completely transformed into a full-fledged sanguine vampire.  You will have gained every power that known to sanguinity and every power that has ever been discussed when it comes to vampires.  You will gain a connection to the web of thoughts that is transferred between the sisterhood.  That means when they find a new power, ability, or knowledge, so will you.  You will be connected to them and the will lead you along road map of powers that have been developed for hundreds of years, if not thousands, even before the time of Bathory.  This piece will essentially render you a newly born sanguine vampire with no limit on your abilities with a built network of knowledge and powers that has been developed by the vampires that have been birthed by Bathory.  You will receive one sanguine as your guardian soul.  She will help you through understanding the voracity of the power you hold in your hand, so that way you will not be tempted to use it as Bathory did, because all-in-all, this really is a dual form magic that the Maidens have devoted and eternity to making comes across in a white light way.  Either way, this magic is going to bring you power beyond your wildest imagination.  Just don't take the piece off, whichever you receive.  The moment you take it off, it all stops until you put the piece back on again.  Enjoy your new sanguine powers!