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t's not often that we can tell you about a band of Illuminati that aren't evil and trying to take over the world, so listen up.  There still exists, a group of Illuminati that calls themselves the House of Set, as translated into English.  Some of them, not all of them because some of the group has been initiated into the House, but some of them are direct descendants of the original enlightened race of people that at once were the Illuminati, or Illuminated ones.  However, this power has gone on into the hands of those who are evil and wish to use the power for unnatural human gain, rather than the esoteric properties the magic was originally meant to be used for.  These people, are thus, very enlightened and extremely intelligent.  They have garnered all the ways of Egyptian magic, with a focus on their patron god, Set. 

It is said that Set is the original God of the desert, called the Lord of the Red Land.  He rules over storms, disorders, violence, and chaos in general.  Okay, so this is true.  Set is not the type of god you want to piss off.  For instance, he has spent the majority of his existence as the divine protector of the chief god, Ra.  So, when his brother Osiris, who was very popular among the people, got all of the credit, Set simply asked him to give Set some of the credit.  When Osiris refuse, Set killed him, dismembered him, and buried the body parts.  Later, Osiris was resurrected by Isis, just long enough to give Isis a child named Horus.  Thus, this describes the constant feuding and battling between Set and Horus.  It is a constant battle and struggle, but at the same time keeps the balance of Egyptian magic.  This is what the followers of Set have realized. 

For as much as Set rules of disorder and can really wreak some havoc, for those people who are loyal to him, he retracts the same.  For instance, when he was the grand protector of Ra, he single-handedly fought and defeated the Serpent of Chaos known as Apep, thus keeping Ra safe from disorder and preserving the magic of the chief god.  Set also has fallen into the grace of Ra, by being by his side for so long, so Ra has taught Set a thing or two about magic and enlightenment and has given him many hidden secrets that other "normal" gods would surely not have known.  These secrets were not ever written about because they secrets that are reserved for Set and his followers.  They are secrets of enlightenment and divine magic that have come from the center of the Universe, the realm from which Ra appears riding on his Solar Boat.  Set is often times depicted as riding on that same Solar Boat with Ra, so this is only a testament as to how strong and powerful the magic of Set actually is. 

This piece is one that has been designed by the House of Set.  It summons the god's presence to give you all of his divine knowledge, magic, and ability.  By using this piece, you agree to being one of his staunch devotees and in return for your devotion Set will eject any and all negativity form your life-- being as he is the god that presided over chaos and such.  What will be left over is a magical baptism during which you will receive magic in its purest form, without the persuasion of anything but white light and divine ability.  You can use this magic to pretty much accomplish anything that you want.  It truly is Illuminati magic in it's purest form, as it has been passed down through the original Illuminati bloodlines, not these crackpots that are trying to rule the world.  The result if pure magic and ability of one of the most powerful Egyptian gods to ever exist.  There are no limits to what you can do with this magic, so why not get started?!  We have only one of these items, so when it's gone, it's gone!