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The first thing I want to say about these pieces, of which we have two and they are identical, is that you must give them a name.  Remember in the movie The Never Ending Story where the Empress can't use her powers because she didn't have a name.  Yeah, well apply that same principal to these pieces and you can see why the first thing you have to do when you get your item is name it.  They are ancient djinn that have been pulled from a parallel realm and summoned into this piece.  I know that seems very straight-forward and to the point, but that really is the simplicity of the piece.

The backstory to these items is that these djinn aren't just a pair of djinn, but they are actually twin djinn that were born some 2,000 years before the creation of Adam and Eve.  A brush up on history would tell you that the djinn roamed the face of the Earth way before humans were even a twinkle in God's eye, you know, if he has eyes.  Thus, they have seen a lot more of existence than either you and I have seen and they are instilled with a special kind of alchemy that holds them together at the seems of their soul as they were being created of the smokeless fire.  These twins actually sat at the iron tables of King Solomon after he summoned them to his crystal paved palace, the first Temple of the Lord.  It was here that he summoned them because he was fascinated with the strength and power in their magic.   They weren't the the only djinn summoned by King Solomon... he was a magic freak... but to just think that these djinn are so powerful that they have sat at the iron tables of Solomon blows my absolute mind! 

These twin djinn have also see the likes of tibetan monks, who have summoned them for powers and have also been summoned by Egyptian wizards, Celtic Druids, witches from the Renaissance and sorcerers from the Black Forest in Germany.  Their presence has seen the likes of many different magical persons such as Marie Antoinette and Anthony Lavey.  And their journey is not over yet.  In fact, the last person who had these pieces, from whom we acquired them and wishes to remain anonymous, were a type of paranormal collector.   By this I mean that the person has travelled the world to engage in activities with certain types of paranormal creatures-- vampires, werewolves, fairies, orcs, trolls, leprechauns,etc.-- the list goes on and on and one.  The twin djinns have been placed into these little jabber pieces and can either be worn on a chain or used as is, just carried around in the pocket.  When you encounter a type of being whose powers you want to obtain, you can jab them with the piece.  You have to make sure that you draw a slight amount of blood, as the blood is what is going to activate the powers in the piece. The djinn in your piece will then suck all the powers out of the blood and retain them for you for a future use.  You can wipe the blood off because it's not the blood that you need, it's simply the powers.  Anyway, this is how the powers in these pieces have been being used.  They are like lockers for magical powers and abilities.  The guy we got them from literally travelled the world in search of powers and has jabbed many different types of beings. 

What do these pieces mean to you?  First I'd like to say that these can be split, but will probably be even more powerful if they can continue to work together.  When you obtain the power of one or both of these djinn, you will gain all the powers that they have sucked into the gem on the piece throughout their journeys.  You will also gain the powers and abilities of being a white light djinn.  Thus, no matter which way you decided to use your item, the power will be abundant and ever-present.  You really don't have to to choose; you can use your piece in as many ways, shapes, or forms as you want.  You can use any number of the entity's abilities that have been stored in the gem on your jabber or you can summon the djinn to use its power.  I'm not sure what types of powers have been infused into each piece, so you will definitely have to play around with your item as soon as you get it to begin testing your djinn and getting familiar with him.  However, don't forget to name him (or both if that is the route you are going) because that was part of the stipulation of selling them.  They have never been named, so to activate their powers simply give them a name and you'll be on your way to amazing magic!!