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This is something I have been doing research on for a very long time. A few years ago I met an older woman through Victor. He met her way back when he had this love affair with a woman he met in NY. There was a portal there and she came through. When she came through she did so in the physical and she stayed.

Through this woman and her natural other world ability she was able to locate many important people and things. This was just one of them.

One of the things she talked a lot about was the 72 sciences and abilities that other beings had. These are things we also had at one time.

Doing research I have used books,the internet and testing on this item. I have dug up about all I can.

The item I have up for Auction is the very first magical book.

Back when Adam was created there was nothing to write on because it wasn't needed. Just like there were no clothes. Pencil,pen,paper and leaves as a way to write were just not thought of. This was because everything was telepathic and libraries were kept in the brain. Memories were what made most of us up and we had instant recall. Today we don't,some of us do but it is rare.

When human transition was complete (Adam leaves the garden) a book was given to him. It was all on a few Sapphires.

These Sapphires were given to Adam by the Angel Raziel who was the same angel that sat outside of the garden.

These Sapphires were books. There was one Sapphire which was considered a Holy book. Now there are a few and it doesn't matter because they are magical and will replicate if lost or damaged. Each part will hold everything in whole.

If you think this is strange that a book could be writen on a Sapphire think again. In todays world we use gems in watches,TV's and computers. Crystal chips hold info that is often placed inside of us. Sometimes willingly and sometimes not. But that is not the point. The point is that today we can hold info on both crystals and gems but back then it was a highly advanced technology.

Now please stay with me on this because this is one very powerful piece.

This is a magical book written on real Sapphires. This is a ring which does HOLD the angelic being Raziel. That is the center stone and it is all real gold. This is the only item that holds an angel. This is only because he guides the complete owner.

Now for more on the magical first book.

What is most imporant then this book is the fact that even the most highest of beings were not privy to the information inside of it. This goes back to humans being prized.

Inside you will find access to the 72 sciences,and 1,500 magical keys which no one can access but you. The sciences are also known as the higher secrets.

This book/ring is able to show you all that is to come,the truth and not speculation. High upper heavenly magic and full comprehension. The sciences are manipulation,prophesy,telepathy and these are just a few. Time manipulation also resides inside. And yes it is true yet very hard to explain.

Adam passed his book/sapphire onto his son Seth who used it to create miracles and a gold. Later he hid it in a tree for future use.

And it even gets more interesting!

Seth created a golden ark with the Sapphire/book and set the Sapphire inside. When he was done he hid it in a cave.

Does this sound like the Ark of the Covenant to you? Ahhh and it was!

Next the Ark was passed onto Noah who used it wisely as well.

Noah used the Sapphire to study the paths of Orion and Aldebaran. He also learned where every single heaven was and the servants on them.

There is so much more to this that I really could type forever on it. If you do your own research as I encourage my buyers to do you will be blown away.

You will learn that in one of the sciences you learn how to manipulate celled beings,humans and animals. Why single cell creations are important. There is just way to much to tell you.

One thing you need to know is this is from the ARK of COVENANT. This is the long lost mystery,what everyone has searched for and you ask why?

You may want to be asking WHO holds some of these Sapphires. That would be the better question.

Unfortunatly some of the people that hold them should not. Did you ever wonder why the entire wolrd is as it is? What created classes of people and why? Why was there ever money created? Why is every president of this United states predetermined? Why all the secret societies? What knowledge to they hold that we can not know?

I look like a Panda today between my hair and eyes. Maybe a lion in the hair and a panda in the face. Sorry but just caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror. Crap,7 years of bad luck sure to follow! When I'm done this I might make myself go smell like a lemmon. Lush,here I come. Someone is emailing me yet again. I want to kill them.

Back to this now. sorry it was a horrific experience.

The power of this ring is the very first power,the most ancient magic and everything else came after it. This is a piece not to be missed. To have full understanding and control. To know the most hidden of knowledge and to be able to use it. To use this kind of power is amazing.


THIS RING IS 14k gold. The stone is blue a sapphire but it’s not coming out nice in the picture.