The Spiritual Side of Sedona

The Spiritual Side of Sedona

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The Spiritual Side of Sedona

There is a place in Arizona that goes by the name Sedona. This place is renowned world-wide, siting its reputation as a spiritual mecca and global power orb. The energy that radiates abundantly from this vast chamber of power has drawn a lot of the planet's most amazing healers, spiritualist, paranormalists and metaphysicists. They travel to Sedona to experience Mother Nature's red-rock temples. The energy that emanates from the this special breed of rock proves to be both life-transforming and soul-nourishing. It is the is the perfect spiritual compound to provide for spiritual and personal enrichment of the mind, body and the soul.

This all sounds good and nice, but I was interested in knowing what was giving this place such a supernatural kick, so I arranged for a series of investigations to take place in Sedona. I collaborated with a bunch of professionals, including physical scientist, metaphysical scientists, spiritualists, mediums, and even a demonologist (for protection's sake, because you never know what you could be walking into). We weren't able to scientifically determine what was causing the paranormal activity that was going on in Arizona. This much we know-- there is a rich wealth of energy there, and we have all experienced for ourselves.

Off the books, however, I can tell you that I drew my own connection with the red-rock of Sedona, Arizona. It is sometimes hard to rationalize with professionals when the only evidence you have is your own psychic abilities and the only answer you can supply is, “just because.”

Here is what happened. This place was home to the ancient Anasazi. They were the ones who preceded the more modern Native American tribes such as the Navajo. The Anasazi were the ones with the spiritual powers to bless and sanctify as they saw fit. The wonderment and beauty that the red-rock that the Anasazi encountered in the red-rock temples in Arizona was nothing short of spectacular. As a result they divined the place, making a sacred destination. Many of the Anasazi visited the red-rock on pilgrimages, gaining the energies that were set forth for them. In this way, they became spiritually enlightened, giving them the ability to communicate with many spirits. They were given the ability of divine interpretation and the right to inherit the immortal kingdom of the ancients. At the end of their lives, they would go through a transfusion, during which the power that the red-rock vested in them allowed them to cross over to the magical kingdom in the sky, where the ancients held fellowship.

I have brought back a piece that embodies the power of this natural marvel. You will gain the powers of the Anasazi magic accordingly. You will also be given the power to see and communicate with spirits. You will be given dreams and visions that will guide your life to living a noble path, with much success to come. And when the time comes, you will be accepted into the open arms of the Anasazi Immortal Kingdom in the sky. For the time being, you will be permitted to perform the ancient magics of the Anasazi. The magic will come to you in the form of a dream that you will have to translate with the power of divine interpretation. You willingness to strive for success will determine how powerful your new magical ability will be.