Mayan Mystique A Twist of DNA,what the calendar really means

Mayan Mystique A Twist of DNA,what the calendar really means

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Mayan Mystique A Twist of DNA

The 2012 Mayan calendar will mark the end of the world as we know it, and the beginning of something different; perhaps the change will be for the better, or perhaps or the worse. There are many that believe that the 2012 Mayan calendar is the mark of the destruction of the world in which we live, an apocalyptic sort of end. They will tell you that in December of 2012 that many natural disasters will occur and might even extinct the possibility of human existence. Yet, others believe that this will be a time of great joy and intrinsic self awareness and awakening. It could possibly be a global transformation of consciousness.

The driving force behind the 2012 legend doomsayers and optimists is the Mayan long count calendar. The Long Count calendar is a Mesoamerican calendar system in which methodical dating mysteriously ends on December 21, 2012. The 2012 Mayan calendar is also coincidental with the winter solstice and the once-in-a-thousand-generations “galactic alignment” which is predicted to occur when our solar system passes directly through the galactic equator.

The postmodern Mayans believe that their 2012 Mayan calendar predicts not the destruction of mankind, but merely the finishing point of a certain age or galactic underworld. The believe that this will be the gateway into the universal underworld of conscious evolution and revolution. Humans will experience a collective rebirth or newly found and rejuvenated cosmic awareness, if you will. It will be a celebrated era in which the human race expands their collective, conscious awareness.

For the ancient Mayan people, life revolved around time. Mayan high priests gave counsel on civil, religious, agricultural, and economic issues and problems. Their advice would come from readings and teachings of the sacred Mayan calendars. Many different calendars were consulted, because there were many different calendars for many different things. However, the long count calendar is especially important and applicable as it counts the time between certain events and how they relate to the coming of time.

The Mayans themselves have not predicted what will happen in 2012 just that their 2012 Mayan calendar ends at that time. It has not been scientifically proven or disproved that anything will happen in December 2012 but many people predict or fear that things might. At this point, the happenings of December 2012 are pretty much a toss up, unless you are visiting this site and reading this story; because if you are, have I got a deal for you.

I have here a piece that holds original energy from the Mayan Temple of the Sun. The temple, was home to many high priests that conveyed many different divine messages. Now, in today's society, where spirituality is diminishing and thoughts and actions of civilization are becoming diverse, it is hard to find a reliable source to communicate aptly with this realm and the next. However, with this mystical piece, your spiritual quintessence will about, and you will receive your own mythical Mayan high priest to help you translate the meanings that are held in the Long Count calendar. You will gain the ability to understand the meanings of many spiritual prophecies via communicating with the spirits who made them. You will be taken into new realms where you will grow you soul to accommodate new factions of spiritual existence. You will be given the ability to overcome the any obstacle that may take place in the year 2012.

What is the real calendar about? The main thing is a twist in DNA a twist if faith through the stars which are all power houses,some good,some bad and some with life such as angelic beings both dark and light. This will not only clean up the DNA but it will re-adjust it to that of Pre- Adam which is what you want in order to have that high magic and power minus the blocks which are such a bitch.