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Richard Waeson is fully transformed and has been for some time but it is because of the company he kept so long ago in the 1800's.

Richard was a shadow man,a realm traveler and demon hunter. His job used to be that of a blood drinker not in order to keep alive but in order to gain power and mainly energy. He changed through an unusual cut in his skin that came from the the unusual knife you see here.

Basically he was destined to become the shadow man,realm traveler and demon hunter that he is today. Through all the time he has been walking in the dead he now has no use for the knife which is a little wicked looking in itself.

What this piece does is to give you the power of the demon hunter in a shadow way by activating your own powerful shadow that you may send out to handle evil. This piece is amazing!

The man "fun" in this piece is that when you kill a demon which it will do on the spiritual level which is how you MUST do it for it to work,you then gain all that demons power and may turn it into white light that is to powerful to describe.

Some are going to ask why the kill must be done on the spiritual level,it is because they are not in physical form.