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Cave of Seven Sleepers

God works in mysterious ways. Anybody who is in sync with their spirituality and religious side knows this. I have my own personal convictions and miracles that have been performed in my own life that lead me to the conclusion that, even though some people may say differently, God exists. He is looking down on the human race and performs many miracles that go unnoticed by the ignorant human mind. However, there is one miracle that was performed, which cannot be mistaken for anything but the power of God. This miracle happened around 250 AD in a cave in an area known as Ephesus, in modern-day Turkey.

Under the rule of the Roman Emperor Decius, Christianity was a practice that was punishable by law. Those who refused to follow the Pagan ways of the Roman Empire, and chose to worship the man named Jesus Christ, instead, were persecuted. This is where the beginning of the legend of the Seven Sleepers began. The Seven Sleepers were seven young Roman youth who followed their convictions to worship Christ as the one true God. Fleeing persecution, they settled into a cave in Ephesus , to pray to God, on a mountain called Pion and fell asleep. The Emperor Decius ordered the mouth of the cave shut, thinking that this would trap the Christians inside the cave, causing them to die.

Fast forward nearly 200 years and the Holy Roman Empire, with Christian standards, has been implemented. The empire, at this time, is now under the rule of an Emperor named Theodosius II. To give a time reference, his rule lasted from 408 AD to 450 AD. Wanting to use the cave as a cattle pen, the owner of the land on which the cave was situated removed the seal that was put in place by Decius II, nearly 200 years prior. Little did the poor cattle farmer know, but he was about to unseal a cove of magic and energy that had been fermenting for 200 years. The Seven Sleepers then woke up, claiming they had slept for merely one day. They had no idea what had happened.

When things were straightened out, a bishop was summoned to hear the story of the Seven Sleepers, Once they told their story, they died and ascended into Heaven with a first-class ticket. Their legend lived on and the cave they had once occupied was turned into a holy destination of many pilgrims. Called the Grotto of the Seven Sleepers, a special place of worship was constructed at the site of slumber of the seven youth. Burial mounds were laid there for them, along with a church and several other, smaller structures.

Mary Magdalene was laid to rest in the Grotto, which intensified the sanctity of the place. Walking up the slope to the Grotto proves to be an incredibly overwhelming experience. Not overwhelming in a bad way-- but rather it can be described as an ability to really feel the presence of the powers of God, which are out-of-league for most human minds. It weighs in on the human mind, and even those who are not spiritually gifted can tell that there is just something about this place. The powers emanate right down the side of the small Ephesian mountain.

I took my own spiritual pilgrimage a little while back. I was amazed at what I found. As I made my way up the side of the mountain, I began to undergo an automatic spiritual transformation that was preparing my inner soul for what I was about to experience. The night was warm and a slight breeze was stirring up from the west. I trekked up the hill without a guide, because I had studied up on the pilgrimage trails before I left. The night was abnormally quiet, tonight, but there was a spark in the air. As I neared the entrance to the Cave of Seven Sleepers, I began to feel elated like I had been overcome by some unseen, supernatural force.

As I stood there, taking in the sight, seven pure flames descended upon the earth, casting a holy glow over the entire place. Slowly, the flames began to form a circle. Then a larger flame, that burned brighter than the other seven stood still in the middle. It took the form of Mary Magdalene. I looked at the ground, because the her sight was too much for me to see. She spoke the words "Unto you, we bear this gift." Then, all of the flames disappeared into the night sky like shooting stars and I was alone again. This item was left in the spot where the Magdalene and the Seven Sleepers-- disciples of Christ-- had once taken form, was this item.

I took this item home and tested it. It has been baptized in the Holy Fire and will do the same for you. You will receive divine time control of the Seven Sleepers. You will gain the powers associated with their Holy convictions. This is the magic of God. You will also gain the intercessory powers of Mary Magdalene. With this power you will be able to see into the realm of angels and confer with them. They will lead you in the right direction, blessing you with wealth, success, deified insight. In the fashion of the Seven Sleepers, you will be able to receive holy prophecy in the form of deep sleep visions.

This piece is very powerful. It invokes the spirits of the Seven Sleepers and of Mary Magdalene for help in your spiritual journey. If you don't take advantage of this one now, you will never know what the possibilities could have been.