Macrocephali 2012
Macrocephali 2012

Macrocephali 2012

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Macrocephali 2012

This is a rather interesting piece that I obtained about 7 months ago, and with which I have been working since then, trying to determine what the powers in this piece have to offer. I got the piece from a friend of mine, Ron, who is a traveling archaeologist. He isn't one of these world reknowned people, because he prefers to stay low-key because of his nature of work. He investigates all things paranormal. As you all already know, those who have not been touched with paranormal abilities don't always view others' experiences as valid. Ron has discovered that it is more in his benefit to remain conspicuous about his findings, except when it comes to specific organizations that will value his work... like Haunted Curiosities.

Before I get into the details of the piece, I want to describe the fundamentals behind the piece to give a better understanding of exactly what it is you will be getting. In ancient times, there was a practice that has come to be known as Artificial Cranial Deformation. The subjects of this practice became known as macrocephali, which for all intents and purposes means “the big heads.”

Macrocephali practices can be found from cultures in ancient Egypt and Sumeria, to Native American Mayan Cultures, to Germanic Cultures and the Huns. Each culture practiced it for varying reasons-- some more or less for identification purposes, other as forms of divination. With that being said, this piece documents a break through that has been made by Ron and his associates.

On an investigation into a site of ancient Mayan civilization in Central American, Ron found several of these pieces. He afforded two to me. I kept one for myself. The other I am making available to you. What Ron has figured out, through years of research and investigation is that the Mayan form of Artificial Cranial Deformation involves a deep process, by which a ton of subliminal powers of the mind, intelligence, higher existence, and knowledge.

Mayan Macrocephali, under a certain divination from very powerful shamans, underwent a skull transformation that allowed them the mind power expansion to develop the Long Count and Short Count Calendar. It gave the zodiacal powers that allowed them fully understand astrology and the magic that can be obtained from the great beyond.

This piece has been made with the ground up bones of the Mayan Macrocephali. It gives explicit detail to the goings-on of 2012 and the coming of the Age of Aquarius. The power in these bones are that powerful that they will give you a spiritual transformation that will make you as one of the Macrocephali and dawn a new era of esoteric truths upon you. You will gain the powers of the shamans that gave the Macrocephali this power, so that way you will be able to cast divination when you need to. They will also bring to you, in addition to the rest of the gifts you will receive, the ability to practice their ancient magic that comes to them from the Zodiac.

This piece is very enlightening. I have come to find out, that the piece I kept has worked marvelously. I wouldn't give mine up for anything... and that's saying something, because I'm a very giving person. It's just that this piece's power is so authentic and genuine, it's hard for me to give mine up!! With that being said, the other one is still available!!