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I only have three of these and only two are here for sale,I'm keeping one. These is 14k Red Gold,not Rose Gold but Red! You can see the color of it on your computer. These are bracelets and the power is so great and so well done in the magic department that you WANT this!

It doesn't matter if your looking for the perfect mate,needing to gain back a lover or you need help in the sex department,this will work. Let me tell you what went into these and why they had to be gold in the first place.

First of all like TV's that use gold to work and good watches that use gemstones our bodies hold gold and electricity in them. The gold conducts electricity and flows through our bodies doing all sorts of things. The magic that was used is a sex magic done by a practicing alchemist and ritualist. A ritualist is someone that has studied long and hard to learn the old ways of all types of rituals,not just sexual ones. They hold what is called a vaginal cave of earth vibrations. This cave is in a vagina and the magic is made during orgasm,full moon and a thunderstorm. So.... you can see how hard it is to get these. Now during the making of the pieces there is no sex,just orgasm. The reason for this is because if penis is present ( I love saying that) you would become envolved with the man who's penis was used and we don't want that!


Using the vibrating vaginal wall along with the ritual,orgasm and lightening we have one heck of a prized possession.  Both pieces have the ability to gain and keep a lover,keep a marriage,bring a soul mate or create the best of the best sex and this is even for those that have issues with sex.


I only have two and your goi to love them! I can't more of these so get them while you can.