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Row, Row, Row your boat gently into me

-- merrily, merrily, merrily, merrily ---

Cum inside of me!

This piece holds the spirit of Michael Picknett. He was an incredibly sex crazed man who was killed suddenly in an accident, on a cruise ship.

His spirit was young and he was a lustful man who loved to please his partners. He was bi-sexual and loved to please women and men; his hormones emitted an intense surge of energy when he was killed and so he merged into this emblem.

This piece belonged to the Captain of the boat, he had it made to showcase his ports of travels, each colored circle represented a port the ship he worked on visited.

Michael went on this cruise, to "cruise" the field and hook up with as many people as possible. He was participating in an activity by the pool, when he slipped and bashed his skull on the side of the pool and fell in. The impact was so hard and at just the right spot that it relinquished his life almost immediately.

His young spirit can now flourish you with raging sexual energies. Most people's sex drives get lower as they get older, but with Michael his spirit will remain young and he can rock your world and pound you hard~!

There is nothing that he will not do. You will bond with the piece and then talk to him and teach him what you like. Your every last fantasy can be aroused when you utilize this cunning piece of pure sexified man meat, known as Mikey!

Be his whore and allow for "loads" of fun