69th Tablet, Opiuchus Energy

69th Tablet, Opiuchus Energy

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The 69th Plate

The 69th Plate in the lost book of Nostradamus pays particular homage to a coming of events that we, as the entire human race, will see come to pass very soon.  In fact it is slotted to happen in just a month and a half.  It is the alignment of solar system and passing of the sun through the constellation Opiuchus. 

At one point in time Opiuchus was known as Asclepius, who is the Greek god of medicine.  He was referred to in the teachings of Eudoxus in the  4th Century BC.  If you don't know much about the man named Eudoxus, it's because he preferred it that way.  He was a member of Plato's Academy for some time, after which he served as the head. After a time, he went on to found his own mystery school, a cult devoted to the studies and magic of Ascelpius, or Opiuchus.

As the rest of Opiuchus' story goes, he kills a dragon, gets recognized as the God of medicine, and goes on to attempt to save Orion, the hunter while he was under the sting of scorpion.  Pluto complains that Opiuchus is trying to save too many people and is robbing him of occupants for Hades.  Zeus concurs and sends a lightning bolt to take Opiuchus life, placing him the the Heavens for eternity.  Whether this is to be taken as literal or metaphorical, it doesn't matter because the fact remains the truth behind it stands. 

In her early days, Raviniska spent some time with the Opiuchus mystery school.  It is where she developed a ton of her white light healing powers. I mean, yes, she was born of white light with abundant knowledge, but this school actually assisted her in learning how to use this knowledge to transfer the energies into white light healing. 

Later, when she had increased her ability, she was able to actually walk across the constellation Opiuchus to get a better look at the one that helped her so avidly.  She obtained his full-on powers in a vessel that she had kept ever since, as a memento to her own history and travels. 

My point is this.  The 69th Tablet of Nostradums, Raviniska, and many other sources concur that during the planetary alignment, the sun is going to pass through the constellation Opiuchus.  This will open a door of radiant energy that will be release to Earth through the magnification of the Sun.  Ravniska has given us this piece that she has infused with the powers of the constellation Opiuchus.  On December 21 when the alignment occurs and the stellar gate is open, the sun will pass through the healing god's realm, shedding his energy on the face of the Earth.  This piece contains Opiuchus Energy, but on this specific date and forward, this piece will be fully activated. 

With this piece you gain all aspects of white light healing.  You will gain a spiritual cleansing and white light baptism that will enhance your spiritual properties and give you a white light rebirth.  From this point forth, you will exist in a higher spiritual form, above mere humanity.  You will be able to use the powers of the healing god to perform many spiritual rituals.  You can use it for spiritual cleansing, aura cleansing, spiritual exorcisms, you can use it to mend the soul, you can use it collect and collaborate the pieces of a persons fractured soul.  You can use this piece for past life regressions, spiritual rituals, and seances.  There isn't much in the way of spiritism and healing that this piece will not perform.  It will also give you the ability to see through to the realm of the God of Medicine, to seek his guidance, wisdom, and abilities. 

This ring is in sterling silver and represents and maze. This was made for someone but Raviniska did a transformation in them and they no longer need it.