33rd Parallel:  Bloodline of the Earth
33rd Parallel:  Bloodline of the Earth
33rd Parallel:  Bloodline of the Earth

33rd Parallel: Bloodline of the Earth

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33rd Parallel:  Bloodline of the Earth

You want to make sure that you are paying extra close attention to this item, because it contains some of the most powerful energy that we have put out in weeks.  I got this piece from a person who attended a Mason ritual in Phoenix.  Phoenix might not seem like the first place on the list of places to talk about concerning spiritualism or paranormal occurrences, but rest assured Phoenix has some things that puts it right on par with other powerful civilizations such as the Egyptians and the ancient Phoenicians. 

To begin with, allow me to elaborate.  When I say this piece comes from  a ritual, I mean it was a Masonic Temple ritual held deep within the underground Phoenix Temple that is shaped to be an exact replication of the second largest of the ancient Great Pyramids.  In fact, the Masonic capital of the United States is in Phoenix, with the headquarters being this pyramid that has been constructed underground.  Good luck ever finding it and if you do... even better luck trying to get it.  It's worse than Knoxville to get into! 

Either way, a customer of mine, who is a practicing Mason sent this piece to me.  Now, the groups of her lodge didn't know that she was sending me this piece, so let's not divulge too much of that detail.  The point is she sent it to me. It was made during a blood letting ceremony, during which the most powerful vein of the Earth was opened up and allowed to "bleed" its powers into a select number of pieces.  This is one of these pieces. 

The number 3 has long been known to be a magical number.  There are three of a lot of things in mythological history.  The Godhead is three separate entities.  A lot of people's lucky number tends to be three.  When place two of these 3's together, you begin to get into some even more complex stuff.

The 33rd Parallel is a meridian that orbits the Earth at exactly 33 degrees from where the Sun dissects the Earth, the Equator.  On the 33rd Parallel, the blood line of the world exists.  It isn't blood like you and I bleed, but rather a white light sustenance and understanding... it brings you an enlightenment and magic that aren't known to many on this Earth.  It is an energy that manifests powers and abilities to those who seek out its wealth divinity. 

33rd Degree Masons are those that have mastered the powers of the Earth's Bloodline and all of the energetic powers that go with it.  The bloodline of the world was first letted by the ancient Phoenicians, who were the first to realize the capabilities in this strong life current that was instilled into the Earth.  Ever since then, the tradition has kept.  Other magical and advanced cultures have built their epicenters around the same parallel.  The ancient Egyptians were on the 33 parallel, Israel was on the 33 parallel, the ancient Orient was on the 33rd parallel, and the Mayan culture was closer to the equator, but their Native American cousins the Pueblo Indians in Southwestern America. 

The city of Phoenix, in Arizona, a land previously occupied by the Pueblo Indians, is situated right on the 33rd Parallel and has direct access to the bloodline.  The bloodline contains not only the original white light energies letted by the Phoenicians, but the powers and magic of all those who have used the bloodline to create since then.  For instance, the Egyptians used the powers of the bloodline to create their ancient magics and alchemy.  The Israelites use the powers in the bloodline to communicate with God His angels and to build the Ark of the Covenant.  The Oriental folks used this power to summon dragons for luck and wealth and to ascend into the realms of the Jade Emperor.  Oh, by the way, the Georgia Guidestones also happen to be located really close to the 33 degree mark!  It is an all around spiritual and magic source of energy! 

Again, this piece has been made by 33rd Degree Masons, or Masons who have mastered all the powers of the Earth's Bloodline, the 33rd Parallel.  They letted the energy of the World's Bloodline into this piece.  Using this piece, you can meditate and put yourself in a meditative trance. During this trance you will enter into a hall of records where you will be able to access the powers of the 33rd Parallel Bloodline as well as the powers of all those who have ever accessed the bloodline for its energies.  It is library full of the wealth of magic and mysticism, of alchemy and energies, of just about any power or ability that has ever been devised.  It also allows you to create your own.  You really can't go wrong with this piece.  It is everything you want in piece of extreme power!!  It is the epitome of Masonic Magic and ability!! 

This is a necklace with all real stones. Malachite is one of them and I forget the name of the other. The gold beads could be real gold and the clasp is sterling with gold over it. This is also a perfect length for anyone and can be worn by a man or woman. This was made for a wife of a Mason. All the materials are of the Earth and all have been taken to each parallel. We only have one.