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It has long been known that certain plants hold different properties and values when it comes to medical purposes and so forth.  However, this item is testament to the fact that sometimes plants aren't only good for traditional medicine.  Sometimes plants are good for better things.  For instance,I have this friend named Antonio.  He's a funny little guy who could talk your ear off if you'd let him.  When I finally told him what I do for a living we connected in a way that I never really thought would play an issue.  As it turns out he is just as into the paranormal and supernatural as I am. 

Antonio shared this piece with me.  It is one that he got from his parents and his parents got from their parents, but according to Antonio there are plenty more, so allowing me to have this one doesn't really affect him in any way. 

I guess now would be the appropriate time to tell you that Antonio's parents are from Brazil.  They are also funny people-- for a whole different reason.  They don't speak English and they don't speak Spanish either... or else I might be able to communicate with them.  Instead, they speak Portuguese.  It's really interesting to hear them talk.  Anyhow, before their immigration to the United States of America, they were part of a religious group called the Uniao do Vegetal.  Antonio translated for me, as he invited me over to hear their stories. 

The group is a very spiritual group with many rites of passage and rituals.  However, according to Antonio's parents, none were quite as powerful as the making of the Ayahuasca Tea.  According to my friend's parents, it was a village activity, with everyone helping to cut through the tough jungle vines, after which they would be boiled.  Drinking the tea would then put the tribe in a meditative, concentrated state, during which they would achieve spiritual clarity and mental focus.  They would then be joined at the bosom of the soul, where they would assume one spiritual journey and travel as a one soul through many different realms and universes.  These included star-ways, spiritual realms, parallel universes, and other dimensions that exist within our own universe, to name a few. 

When Antonio's parents were getting read to move to the United States to better their future, they partook in one more ritual.  It was their final but most memorable ritual of all.  During this ritual, the energy was so productive that there pockets of excess energy. These pockets her collected and put into several pieces, which Antonio's parents were then sent off with.

These piece gives the same affect as partaking in the Uniao do Vegetal's Ayahuasca Tea ritual.  Antonio share one of these items with me, now I am passing it onto you.  You can use this piece by yourself or with a group.  It will give you and those in your group the mental focus and spiritual clarity of the Ayahuasca Tea ritual.  You will then be joined by those of your group into one spiritual mass, as you travel together through other realms and forms of existence where you will be able to encounter many different forms of existence.  This piece promotes spiritual cleansing and fortitude.  It will heighten your existence and allow you to see through eyes that have been spiritually cleansed of all inhibitions.  You will be able to use this piece to obtain powers and abilities as you travel through different areas of time, space, and existence. 

I've used this piece personally, with my friend Antonio and one of my brothers.  The powers in this piece feel like a good, strong, paranormal rush of adrenaline. You do not want to miss out on this experience.   

My experience with this when I tested it is that it would be great for someone that has to learn or study. The other is a total spiritual cleansing that would then allow you to make use of anything else you have with no blocks. Now I do want to be clear on one thing,IF your having a block because it was done in a past life this piece will NOT help with that. I know this because I had it in mind and was going to give it away to someone who has that problem but after testing it,it would not release that block on them. As far as releasing a block if not placed on in a past life it will work. Plus it will do everything else listed in the description.

This is sterling silver with real tiger eye.