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My friend Jeff committed suicide as a teenager after we encountered a dark demon that was ridiculing him after opening a portal while using a Ouija Board.

He was at a trying time in his life and had little faith. His parents were separated and he was in the middle of the battle going on with the divorce, his girlfriend broke up with him and he was just depressed.

The demon coming forth proclaimed the last straw. Not being able to get away from the darkness and the negativity, he just got to a point that he gave up and shot himself.

After conjuring Jeff's spirit, I was able to forecast the fact that his death was not in vain. He has learned so much about how people change when someone is gone and he wants to showcase that to help someone who is still living!

Once he was found dead, his parents ended up comforting one another and blamed themselves -- they seeked counseling and are now back together, never  having finalized their divorce. The old girl friend was crushed and stated her true love for Jeff at his grave-site.

The emotional status that came forward after his death allowed him to see that the overwhelming facets of life can be resolved without a misery.

People often do things in stride and take things to the extreme -- so Jeff has been channeled into this piece and will merge and connect with you to help you generate a release of tensions and build up of stress.

If you have felt isolated, alone, lonely, like your head is floating above your body -- then you need to allow Jeff to help you.

His disturbing choice will help you to see things clearly and how to proceed towards the aspects of em-betterment that lies ahead!

Jeff will truly forecast blessings of insight and powers from beyond to help you progress and live freely and become successful.

** Blow this whistle when you are down and out... when you need support and guidance, and Jeff will come forward and instill his integrity and thoughts upon you, thus helping you gain insight, power and confidence to grow and not be affected by the negativity and evil of others.