Ignition of Deep Magic

Ignition of Deep Magic

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Ignition of Deep Magic
*This is showcased from my friend Anne

As a child living in our old cotton mill house, raised by my grandmother, great aunt and her daughter (my cousin), I had many frightening, paranormal experiences.

I heard the classic footsteps, sounds of paper being crumpled, sounds of books falling when nothing was out of place. Everybody in the family, including myself, heard our names called, Once I woke up and heard a soft, echoey female voice whisper, "Deep Magic."

I once woke up to see a tiny pinpoint of light in my room which expanded until the entire room was a bright as day and then faded quickly back to darkness.

When I told my grandmother about this she snickered and told me to ask my Great Aunt, and of course I did.

Anne learned that the "Deep Magic" was the transpiration of light that she had witnessed! She found out that her family was a strength of witchery. She was getting to be the age where they thought she was able to handle and receive the power.

Anne and I met through Grizzelle and she has brought forth the extreme power of the Deep Magic that she has learned and been blessed to be born into.

She states that the magic was formatted into the Universal stance back in the early 1700's.

The coven has been selective and very secretive... but with the traversal energies heightening, they need more members and people to utilize the powers.

Anne invoked a few items for us, trusting that our customers understand the wrath of misusing granted powers.

With this you will be able to generate a connection and bond with the members of the witches, known as Modverners... who were born with the Deep Magic skills and knowledge within them. The particles of power can be taught, learned and transferred -- which is what will occur with this item.

You will be transpired the abilities and then have a connection with the astral formats to be granted the full understanding and knowledge of the Deep Magic, which is sensational, pure and rare!