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When I was about four I saw a shadowy figure that at the time, I thought was the Easter Bunny, walk through the living room at my Aunts house and disappear into the wall.

At the time I thought it was my imagination, but I now suspect there might have been some sort of gateway in my cousin's room because much of the activity seems to come from or disappear in that direction.

The old home that they used to live in just went back on the market, and I took Deedee there to see it. I told her that I always suspected paranormal activity ran through the home, but wanted her expertise.

Our realtor that we had to contact to see the home thought we were a little crazy, as we have a lot of equipment to surface the home and get readings and pick up energy.

I never told Deedee where I suspected the power to have radiated at, but she immediately was drawn to the bedroom that my cousin used, it shared a common wall with the living area, and that is where I first experienced the "bunny" image.

While we were there we saw "Santa Clause", "Lady Liberty", "Uncle Sam"... these were spirits who would surface as characters that would blend into society when a holiday was near!

Spirits need a body to be able to be seen be everyone, and have control... but what we discovered at this house was amazing and unbelievable, a life source for passed souls!

The source was imparted in the ground many decades ago, and after my Aunts old home was built on that location the spirits entered through the foundation and went right through the walls. Even though they were able to be seen by humans, they are still not solid beings, so if someone tries to touch them, they will not be felt!

They also watch where they are so as not to be questioned, so they were concerned with the adults in the house seeing them, rather than us young kids, which is why they were never noted before!

Due to the nature that we are gifted with abilities, they sensed our powers and did not feel the need to hide. The realtor was able to the spirit that was dressed as "Santa"... she was astonished, and a bit scared.

The source allows one spirit at a time to embrace unity among humans. Deedee and I were able to see all of the others, even though they were still in spirit form, but the Santa had the source and so Cathy, our realtor, was able to see him as well.

We have conjured the source and prevailed it into this piece!! This is an ultimate portrayal of power and you can use it to allow spirits to come forth and "live" again. You can call upon those who have passed and allow them the sourced energy to have a body and rise. The other spirits dressed up for security, but if a known love, or friend, comes forth to you they will showcase themselves as you remember them before their death.

This is an incredible opportunity and power that we have never been able to offer before -- do NOT miss out on this amazing item~!

The energy within this box holds the source upon the mirror which is the portal for spirits to come forth and unify a body and come back to transitional life... this is a magnificant item!!