Conglomerated Souls ( FOR WOMEN)
Conglomerated Souls ( FOR WOMEN)

Conglomerated Souls ( FOR WOMEN)

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Conglomerated Souls

In 2001 a very startling discovery was made.  The remains of 2 skeletons were found at the site of a prehistory village in Scotland on the island of South Uist.  The skeletal finds are not what makes this find so... weird.  It is the fact that the skeletons were composite skeletons-- meaning the skeletons were made up of multiple different people.  Scientists have yet to identify a reasoning behind this; however, they were able to offer the following explanation. 

It was common in those days for bodies to be cast into a nearby peat bog.  Peat bogs are known to hold certain anaerobic properties.  These properties cause the bog to act as a preservative.  Thus, bodies were cast into the bog as a way to preserve the dead.  Then, they kept the bodies in the bog for a period of time.  Once the bodies had been kept for so long, the villagers would then use the bodies to piece together what they called a super soul. 

What is a super soul?  Well, it is one conglomerated soul that has been created using the fragments from other people's souls.  The skeletons are representative of the soul, as once the physical union is complete, the soul union will take place.  How?  Because the souls are summoned during a process known as Soul Binding.  This is why it is done with bones of people and not personal items or hair or something.  The bones have to be interlocked and interconnected and the souls have to be summoned during the ritual.  Then, and only then, will fragments from multiple soul form together to combine the best aspects of all of the previous souls and tossing the waste behind. 

The type of bodies that have been collected have been those people who held powers and magic during their physical lives.  Obviously these abilities carried over into the past life and the souls now a more spiritual, refined version of their previous powers. Thus the bones form these people are kept and formed with other bones to create a new body, from which power emanates.  The soul fragments are then collected and merged together to form one conglomerate soul... a super soul.

These souls were then under the ownership of whoever created them.  Most of the times it was the leader of village.  They would create the powers from merged souls a means of honour.  The deceased would be able to benefit future generations.  The powers made life easier and attracted wealth to the village.  It is a win-win situation.  Creating souls is something that had to be very carefully though, with soul alchemy, or else the soul doesn't turn out right.  Two things could happen then.  Either you created an entity that was completely useless or you've created a soul that is under no jurisdiction with a shit ton of powers that could possibly wreak havoc on existence. 

This is why we have this item.  This item is a testament to what I've just told you.  Keep in mind mainstream science doesn't know, much less support, what I'm sharing here.  We have had a special team of paranormal scientists since visit the site.  We have been working on this piece for the past several years, simply because of the delicate nature of its powers.  It is finally ready to move on!! 

This piece has been made with chips of bones from an original composite bog body.  It has been energetically manipulate in a way that allows you to have all the best powers in this piece in a simpler version!  This piece is basically a soul magnet.  It will allow you seek out and collect soul fragments from passing by souls that you encounter.  You will be able to create a soul mass or multiple soul masses.  Each combination gives you different levels and types of powers and abilities.  For instance, if you collect a mass that has 10 fragments maybe you have perfected that soul conglomerate for it to do what you want it to do... maybe time travel.  Then, you can start searching for new soul fragments for a different project. Maybe you want to develop pure white light telekinesis ability to move your own soul from place to place without having astral travel involved.  You can search out soul fragments to put them together in a way that will allow you achieve this power. You don't have to worry about knowing if you're right or wrong; this piece will give you a psychic ability and you will just know. 

This piece helps you sculpt the perfect soul conglomerate.  It will allow you to obtain virtually any power you want by piecing together the right soul fragments.  Trust me, there are plenty of fragments out there that need to be part of the whole!!  This piece will allow you have an endless supply of spiritual energy and to give you unlimited abilities to expand your current knowledge and abilities! 

Why I like this one.

The potential is your imagination! Lets say you want to have the power of a great singing voice or charisma,how about Elvis,Frank Sinatra,Cold Play? What if you want to be an actress,Angelina Jolie perhaps,not one of my favorites but it might be yours?  What if you want to be super strong or smart or beautiful,it's all up to you. What if you wanted to have the ideas or thoughts of Jesus,he did walk the Earth. Again,it is all up to you!