The Great Apostasy Bears Light; The Judas Church ( READ ALL)
The Great Apostasy Bears Light; The Judas Church ( READ ALL)

The Great Apostasy Bears Light; The Judas Church ( READ ALL)

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The Great Apostasy Bears Light; The Judas Church

"I wanna love you, but there's something pulling me away from you.  Jesus is my virtue... Judas is the demon I cling to... I'm just a holy fool, oh baby, he's so cruel, but I'm still in love with Judas..."  -Lady Gaga in her song Judas. 

Okay, so Lady Gaga isn't a demon worshipper, but listening to her song today on the way to work reminded me that I had this piece.  We have been testing it for a long time because of the true uninhibited powers that occur naturally in this item.  It is a piece that has come form the headquarters and confines within the Church of Judas.  The Church of Judas??  Say what?  Yes, the Church of Judas!! 

Okay, so generally, here's the gist of what the Church of Judas believes in.  Judas actually stole Jesus' spot on the cross.  In fact, they believe that Jesus never died at all.  Judas died on the cross, but not for the sins of all people.  He died on the Holy Cross, because this is the only means that he had into the Kingdom of Heaven.  If not for dying on the cross, Judas would have been damned to to the pits of Hell.  Further, they believe that they are the holy descendants of Christ and that they alone hold the miracle powers of his bloodline.  They believe that after Jesus was robbed of his spot on the cross he was like, "forget this, I'm doing what I want to do."  He then began to re-populate.  Again, this is all according to their doctrine.  I'm not saying any of this believe any of this crap.   

Well, I have news for these people.... they are fully delusional.  They are a whole other breed.  In fact, Judas was not a person.  He was a type.  He was a type designed by Satan and accepted by God, so that way His plan could be fulfilled.  Judas needed to betray Jesus in order for Jesus to be surrendered by the Jews.  It is the same story that was played out in Heaven when Lucifer betrayed God.  Unfortunately for Satan, his story always pans out the same way. 

However, this group of believers neglect to realize that the destiny and future of mankind is already planned out by God. He alone controls the hand of fate. However, they believe that Satan put his hand out and took Jesus off the cross, replacing him with Judas the betrayer, that way his seed could finally return to Heaven. God, of course, had other plans.  That didn't stop Satan from culminated a group of believers by tricking people into believing his story.  In fact, he even gave these people powers that resembled those and the works of Jesus.  These are the Church of Judas who have been mislead into believing that they are the are true children of God-- an Aryan race of demi-gods if you will, with full power and control over the fate of the world. 

Sounds crazy right?  Well, it's not entirely their fault.  You see, they were also touched by the hand of Satan.  Satan has a whole arsenal of tricks and if he do anything to cause a little bit of discernment among those who are devout to God, he will gladly do it... even if he can only convert one person to the "dark side."  These folks were touched by the interior finger of Satan.  This interior finger is the only remnant left of Lucifer's duality.  It is in him, despite how often he tries to put it out.  It is the part of him that is the light that he had in Heaven before he became jealous of God, started a failed revolution, and fell from his spot at the right hand of God. 

Again, this is the only duality that Satan has left.  As far as he is concerned it is a blemish on his existence, because it is a constant reminder of what he used to be before he fell.  It is there because he was once an angel of God.  Now, he is a a mere shadow of his former self, but this small remnant is left to constantly remind him of how much of a failure he has become.  It is the power of the duality that he has used to trick the Church of Judas and give them the powers that they believe came directly from Jesus. 

This item is a holy relic from the Church of Judas.  It contains the powers of the interior finger of Lucifer.  you don't have to worry, this piece contains no evil or negative spirits.  It is merely a dual piece that brings out the white light powers that once belonged to Lucifer, who's name literally means "bearer of light."  He used to control all facets of white light, meaning he held the key to all white light magic, including the ability to create new powers.  The Interior Finger still holds all of these same powers.  It is a duplicate version of the powers that Satan once held and forfeited when he attempted to create dissent in the Heavenly ranks!  It is your one and only chance to obtain the bright side of Satan and the powerful, powerful white light powers that he used to possess.  Again, this piece is a dual one, so it will also bring the knowledge of the bad, but obviously this piece is more about the divine white powers that are contained within.  Again, I'd like to stress that this item has been tested and tested again.  It contains no evil or negativity and we have all had amazing experiences using the pure white light magic that is the better half of this piece!   

This is my personal piece and I have one more of these so this one can sell. What I wanted to let you all know is that with this piece you can pick three pieces off the website and have those energies or powers also added to this ring. So you get what it does and then any three other powers into the ring you want.  You will just need to pick from what is on either website,this one or It does not matter to me if this ring sells or not as it is one very unique and I like to take items that can be used for evil and turn them white light so I do hope if it sells that someone will also use it for purity as well. The size is between a 9 and a 10. This is also in sterling silver and very decorative and unique.