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This piece will alert you to danger and harm that emits itself financially upon you! The detection is formatted from the vibes in the Universal spectrum and will react with your aura to emanate the sensations to make you aware and ensure your safety!

Many people have been involved in sitations where they have been the victims of identity theft,have had their credit ruined and have had to fight like crazy to get back on top. Once your credit is shot, it is hard to re-build it!

This locket holds the kin of a multi-millionire banker from the 1940's. He instilled grand knowledge of success upon his children and enchanted them with a ritual blessing that allowed them to be protected from those who would try and lure money from them. When you are noted to have a lot of money you are a prime target for those who are looking for a way to make a quick buck!

The energies of the lessons and blessing that Mr. Randolph placed upon his own will now be yours through the connection with this piece!

You will have financial growth with this piece, and when you do you will be protected from those who will try to bring you down.

Unlock the channeled wealth of magic that this piece holds!

This piece is not a locket but holds all the bankers blessings and power.