Regina, the Real Estate Mogul
Regina, the Real Estate Mogul

Regina, the Real Estate Mogul

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Many people have been faced with either the desire, or need, to move and although it is a noted "buyers market" if you are the seller you may be having trouble!

Some homes have been sitting on the market well over a year and have little to no interest by people looking to buy. Even if your house is nice and has a great location you may be waiting longer than you wish! Unfortunately this lack of making a sale can cause a domino effect that may jeopardize your plans!

I know of a man who is in the army who was living in PA and then got transferred to Texas, his home in PA is for sale and has been for months -- he is currently paying 2 mortgages and has the stress of counting on others to ensure that his property here is kept up when he is thousands of miles away!

All this does is lead to stress!!! Anyway, this piece is the answer to getting an offer on your home! This bracelet belonged to Regina Kohler, a top agent who seemed to be able to sell any home~! She was very good at finding the appeal in even the crummiest houses -- she would not lead people astray, or get them into bad homes... but she was able to allow buyers to see the potential in homes that they normally would not even give a second glance too, people often thought she was some kind of witch and put spells on people.... that is how good she was!

Regina retired last year and after hearing about her amazing skills we contacted her and she said the luck was all in her favorite bracelet, of course we were skeptical... but after being tested it surely did hold extreme energy! We made an offer she couldn't refuse and got the incredible piece~

So whether your home has been sitting on the market for months, or you have the plan to list it in the future -- get this piece to enrich the energies and make people fall in love with your home and the offers will start to come in.

** This is a fantastic piece that will take away a lot of headaches and stress that are involved with selling a home!