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Do you know what the worst disease that anyone can get is? Fatal famillial insomnia! This is death due to not sleeping~!

First, people can't sleep for a couple of months, then they start seating and hallucinating, become panicky, lose control of their bodies and can't speak....Eventually they fall into a coma and die!

This erraticizing syndrome is caused by a genetic blip that makes big spongy holes in the sleep-producing area of the brain, called hte thalamus.

So you may not need to worry about dying from not sleeping, but if you are having trouble getting to bed -- and experience night after night of just sitting awake wondering why you cannot sleep, then this piece is for you!

This is invoked with immunized follicles of energy that will help youput all the thoughts in your head at ease and will allow your body to rest!

The imperial elements in the brain surge together to generate thoughts and when you have something that is bothering you, or you just have a lot on your plate and cannot stop thinking, then you will experience insomnia! This piece will ease your mind and allow you to put the worries and thoughts to rest -- they will be there the next day, but you should have a few nice hours to allow your mind, body and spirit to rest!

** This works fast and can really help you out! The powers were placed into these earrings to showcase that you will be able to rest and be at ease the way creatures of the sea are~

These can be worn, or placed under your pillow to forecast the strength upon your mind.