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We all have thoughts that we never share with anyone! We think things about others that may, or may not be very nice. Have you ever looked at someone who has blemishes on their face and thought something in your head, and then woke up the next day with a big zit on your face?

I think we all have experienced things where karma plays its toll by bringing forth our ignorant thoughts and imposed them upon us. Have you gained a lot of weight and feel that it just "snuck up on you"? You feel as if you just woke up and suddenly you are 50 lbs. heavier... well of course that is not the case, junk food conspires... but also so does the negative vibes that you have channeled in your mind about others who are overweight!

Some say karma is a bitch, and you can even be your own worst enemy, as your ailments come forth from your negative thoughts of others!

Most of us do this without a second thought, it is a natural force that emits judgement upon others. You compare yourself to others, judge them by appearance and their attitudes without really ever even getting to know someone.

Well let me just say that I know many people who end up in bad situations, who once had it all, because they cannot stop looking down on others -- so karma smacks them down to teach them a lesson!

This piece is a combination item that will embrace you with the eruption of the beauty of a butterfly to see that an ugly catapillar will emerge into beauty... we all have that within us, a starfish to ease your mind with the surge of the sea to help you focus on yourself and not give into judging others all the time, there is a bubble charm that will pull your negative thoughts out of you and prevent them from causing you karmatic reflections -- but this works for only 3 negative thoughts per day, so it is not the full answer, the cross unites white light to help you see the good in everyone, and the heart showcases the emotions and love that we all have. Together all these charms impart the radiance to help you rise above judgements and therefore have a better life because you will not be taught lessons through karma paying you back!

The pin has been noted to have truly changed the lives of those who have tested it! Your eyes will truly be open and a new outlook will evade!!