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Doctor Death

When death and resuscitation are involved in a person's life and they come out on the living side of things, there will undoubtedly always be experiences that defy normality as we comprehend it.  I mean, according to the whole scheme of things it doesn't really seem that out-of-place; but as a human who isn't spiritually capable to thinking outside of the box, these types of paranormal experience make them go, "ooooh" or, "aaahhh" simply because they are what we call paranormal phenomena.  For a human it isn't really normal or that common place to be able to experience things about Heaven and then be able to 1.) identify them in a human state of existence 2.) even live to tell about them.  However, there are many stories that illustrate near death experiences.  The most riveting thing about these experiences is that they guarantee that there is a life that is after this one and that our bodies are temporary vessels to occupy until our metamorphosis is complete.  If you don't ask me, you could ask Doctor Melvin Morse. 

Dr. Morse was once an eminent researcher of Near Death Experiences.  In 1980 Melvin Morse completed his medical degree in pediatrics and neuro-oncology.  Until around 2007, he served as part of the Medical Faculty at the University of Washington.  His interest in near death experiences took flight in 1982 after he resuscitated a child who told him that she experienced Heaven after a very close call to death.  He was working in a National Cancer Institute in Idaho at the time and apparently was moved by his experience with the patient.  After nearly drowning to death and losing her heartbeat for 19 minutes, the patient completely recovered.  When Mr. Morse expressed skepticism at her recounting being led down a brick lined tunnel and "into the light", the child took Mr. Morse by the hand and told him, "Don't worry, Dr. Morse, Heaven is fun!"  Ever since then Dr. Morse has felt compelled to research near death experiences. 

After this experience, he took a position at the Seattle Children's Hospital, where he was listed as one of Seattle Magazine's best doctors in the city.  When here, he also heard tales from children who had undergone near death experiences.  Images of Heaven, light and tunnels underscored his stay at the Seattle Hospital. It prompted him to conduct a study with his colleagues, involving 26 children nearly died with 131 that were drugged or kept alive mechanically.  The second group of children had no near death like experiences, leaving no explanation for the near death experience of the children who were under the influence of no drug, ruling out the possibility of hallucination.  An overwhelming 23 of the 26 subjects during the experiment had hinted at some sort of near death experience.

His work was very productive and earend him spots in several magazines and on several shows including Rollingstone, the Oprah Winfrey Show, and Larry King Live.  Professionally, Dr. Morse was a Fellow of the American Academy of Pediatrics, a member of the National Institute for Discovery Science, and the head of the Institute for the Scientific Study of Consciousness. 

Unfortunately, for Dr. Melvin, paranormal studies eventually got the best of him and dark secrets of the once famouse doctor were divulged when he was arrested for child abuse.  According to official affidavits, Dr. Melvin water boarded his daughter to the point where she was almost dead.  He would use these as "punishments" for offenses his daughter had no clue she had committed.  When the daughter would leave the house to sob about her father nearly drowning her, he would suffocate her with plastic, telling her that she would only get brain damage after five minutes.  He would suffocate her to the point where she would pass out.  When she came to, she was forced to recount her experiences.  The whistle blower was a neighbor who call child protective services after they observed Dr Morse dragging his daughter from the driveway at their house into the house-- by her ankles. 

Morse was arrested, even though is lawyer claims no wrong-doing was involved.  However, quite a bit of computer cache was found with tons of websites involving out of body experiences and near death experiences.  It also contained document findings of the experimentation that he was doing on his daughter, but they were obtained by the government and covered up... leading us at HC to believe that he was working in cahoots with the government. 

We caught a lead and sent a private investigator to see what he could sniff out.  He brought back this piece.  It puts a entirely different spin on this story.  This piece is one that has been infused with energies that were brought back from a repeated, continued series of near death experiences.  They were his daughters.  It turns out that Morse was a bit more interested in afterlife than all his actions had suggested.  What I mean is personally.  He had developed an appreciation for the occult and knew that there were powers to be obtained via near death situations.  This is the reason why he was torturing his own daughter... to gain coveted powers. 

Each time his poor daughter would experience a situation that nearly killed her but didn't, she would enter the "tunnel" where she would see the light at the end.  Each time she came back to, she would carry with her another power and energy from Heaven. The power would then be transferred by Morse into this piece.  Now this piece holds all the powers that Morse's daughter brought back with her from the realm of Heaven... the many times that she had been. 

This piece holds divine white power including the abilities to communicate with angels, to be connected to heaven with a third-eye psychokinetic energy, and the ability to perform white light magic.  It also allows you to be able to see the seven layers of Heaven as a fly on the wall.  Each time she came back with a different power, so there are many powers in this piece... which means there are many more than what I have sampled to be discovered!  This piece holds a multitude of powers, too many to be listed on one page.  They are all direct energies from that have been collected by the Tunnel of Souls, which is the tunnel with the light at the end of if.

To fully use this piece, you must bond with it fully.  It will then allow you visit the Tunnel of Souls, which will solidify your bond with the piece.  Then the white light powers will begin to manifested to you in your own life.  The piece will grow in power and range of abilities the more you use it!  If you bond with this piece and use it all the time, there is no telling how powerful you can grow with your item! 

The investigator we use is from NJ and also a psychic so he knows exactly what to get.