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There are those women that are content in sitting back being the sandwich makers that their husbands want them to be.  Then, there are women who know what they are worth.  They know that they are also human and that they deserve the same respects as any other person.  Meet Victoria Woodhull, 19th Century liberal powerhouse.  She was also known as Mrs. Satan for reasons that proved that you don't play games with Mrs. Satan, because when you do, you lose. 

At the age of 33, Mrs, Satan was nominated to run for president on behalf of the equal rights movement.  This was during a time before women were even allowed to vote!  She was an outspoken advocate for equal rights and free love, stating that free love was a cure for immorality.  Mrs. Satan took great pride in her flamboyant escapades and took immense delight in breaking down all social barriers that she could along the way.  A practicing spiritist and psychic medium, she was also avid follower of the paranormal.  She and her sister were the first and only female American stockbrokers.  She knew what she was about-- fame, money, and reform-- and wasn't afraid to work to get it. 

During her stint as the first-ever woman to be nominated for the presidency, she was accused of being of a rather promiscuous breed, suggesting she was little more than a prostitute.  She never denied it; but she did run a print story in a newspaper she ran, accusing her accuser.  She flipped the script on Henry Ward Beecher, one of the most prominent ministers of the day, accusing him of practicing sexual immorality while preaching against it.  Mrs. Satan knew what she was talking about because she was one of his lovers.  Eventually, the minister was jailed for on pornography charges.  This fiasco is the one that a brought about the nickname, Mrs. Satan. 

Eventually Mrs. Satan married an English banker, fleeing the country after stirring up the country with a scandal.  She started again, finally obtaining the wealth that she had always sought and joining the ranks of the British upper class. 

This piece calls upon Mrs. Satan for her spiritual guidance.  Mrs. Satan, who isn't evil in any way, obtained a lot of her successes via the magic she learned in her paranormal and occult experiences.  Her most successful bid in the world of magic came when her wealth love spell landed her the rich banker-husband that carried her away to England! 

Again, this piece calls upon the spirit of Mrs. Satan and her powers.  The powers in this piece will bring you great success, beginning with sexual ability.  Mrs. Satan was stranger men.  She was the "lady in the streets, but a freak in the sheets" type of gal. There's not a sex move she hasn't mastered.  There isn't a sexual encounter that she would pass up.  She likes sex... and free love... and her love was very free and flowed in all directions!!  Her sexual arousal deep lust will be yours for the taking!  It will make you a king or queen in the bedroom!

Additionally, this item will bring you abundant wealth.  It sends out the energies that Mrs. Satan had secured for herself that brought her a great source of wealth and transformed her life from zero to British hero.  Cheerio!! 

We have three of these and they are all old,belonged directly to Mrs. Satan and all hold the same powers of wealth,power and love. These you will feel the power of right away!