Bohemian Shape Shifters
Bohemian Shape Shifters
Bohemian Shape Shifters

Bohemian Shape Shifters

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Reptilian Shape Shifters

I'm releasing this piece in attempt to shed light on the truth about the government.  I'm not just talking about the government in America, I'm talking about the government of the world in general.  I know what is going on and I know that what I'm saying might make me sound a little bit like I'm off my rocker.  However, it is very true an extremely urgent that you take this piece with the utmost of gravity.  The powers in this piece are very surreal and they hold a direct affect on me, you, and the rest of society.  It is simply that whomever obtains this piece can live outside of the box that the higher-ups are trying to cage you in. 

The Bohemian Grove is out in California, however, it is not part of the United States.  Rather, it is its own separate state kind of like Washington DC, Vatican City or London.  It is its own territory, governed by its own set of rules, as to not disturb the the tradition that has been home to many dignitaries including just about every president in recent history.  Pictures from Bohemian grove in 1967 show the likenesses of two future American Presidents-- Richard Nixon and Ronald Reagan-- along with other dignitaries and power brokers such as Preston Hotchkis, Harvey Hancock, Glenn Seaborg, Jack Sparks, Frank Lindine, and Edwin Pauley. 

The Bohemian Grove is the hunting ground for these power brokers, where they hunt humans who are forced to fend for their lives.  They hunt the humans with guns and other weapons as part of the ritual for the Bohemian Tree of Knowledge.  Dick Cheyney was a favorite guest for this ritual, as he loves hunting.  He would hunt humans just for the fun of it, because he could.  In Bohemian Grove, which is governed by a different set of criteria, this is perfectly acceptable. 

Once the last surviving human has been hunted down, it is captured and letted of its blood, which the Bohemians drink.  They then offer the body as a sacrifice to the Tree of Knowledge.  I have an item that allows me to bi-locate and watch last year as Barack Obama drank of the blood of the one remaining survivor after the survivor was letted of her blood and sacrificed to the tree.  I then watched as other dignitaries drank the blood as well.  After a while, they each began to shape shift, one by one, into their reptilian form.

Meanwhile, the Tree of Knowledge was awakened.  The Bohemian Tree of Knowledge is a spawn of the Reptilian creator, Satan.  The tail of the Reptilian tree is the tail of a serpent and extends deep into center of Earth to symbolize a descent into Hell.  Here, Satan feeds it information and knowledge, power and energies.  It is given all sorts of powers that allow the survival of a race of followers called the Reptilians.  While the reptilians are called aliens, its because they are from world within the realms of Hell.  Either way the base of the Tree is the tail of the snake reaching into the pits of the world.  Its uncoiled body looks straight into the heavens and hundreds of thousands of branches protrude upon which the fruits of its knowledge grow.  Once a year, through the sacrificed blood of the survivor of "The Hunt", dignitaries and leaders of the Reptilian Race are allowed to shape shift back into their Reptilian form and enter the Bohemian Tree of Knowledge.  These dignitaries and leaders happened to be the same leaders that we know such as the president of the USA and other political, economic, and even religious leaders from around the world. 

Once inside the tree, their powers are recharged and they are fed the fruit of the tree, which are the powers of Satan.  These powers are given to the leaders to control the brains of their constituents and followers that way they have full control over the entire world.  They have the powers to deceive the people and brainwash them into believing what they want them to believe.  These powers among others are what they gain from entering the Tree.  In accordance with the deception of Satan, all powers of the Bohemian Tree of Knowledge are given a white light coating to make them appear as innocent and benevolent, because if the Reptilian Race began an onslaught of evil powers, people would get suspicious of their actions.  How do you think Obama got re-elected?  Mind control powers!!  Did they come in the form of mind control?  No!  They came in the form of a promise that life will get better in four years, hope, and encouragement. 

I made this piece when visiting the Bohemian Grove with a bi location item that I use from time to time for occasions such as these.  It allows me to show up secretly and undetected.  I did this during the Bohemian Hunt and following rituals.  I was able to place the powers of the Bohemian Tree of Knowledge in this item.  However, there is a twist.  I have been able to rearrange the energies in this piece to allow them to become dual powers, not dark powers from Satan.  Dual just means they have a dual existence that will allow you to see and use the positive and negative sides of the energies, but the emphasis is on the positive. 

This piece is no way demonic and/or dark.  It has been completely transformed.  It holds all the powers and secrets of the Bohemian Grove, but has been tailored to fit a white light agenda by taking the negative edge off the secrets of information, powers, energies, and abilities.  These are the secret energies that empower the rulers of the free world and continue to choose the leaders of the world.  They hold the human mind captive, but this piece helps you to bust free of those chains and rise to the occasion.  It gives you the dual emission of powers that come forth from the Fruit of the Bohemian Tree of Knowledge, so that way you can free from being a mind slave. 

Asides from all this, this piece brings you very fascinating abilities and powers including a third eye awakening the releases all psychic abilities both physical and spiritual.  It also will bring you the power to shape-shift, at will, into anything that you choose.  It will bring you the ability to practice a dual-form alchemy through which you can create and perfect your own powers and abilities.  Clinton, Bush, and Obama have all done this, so why can't you?  Well now you can!!  Hell, Clinton even used it for sex magic, but that's another story...