All the Queen's Silver,Mayan Time Grid
All the Queen's Silver,Mayan Time Grid
All the Queen's Silver,Mayan Time Grid

All the Queen's Silver,Mayan Time Grid

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All the Queen's Silver

New chemical studies of old British coins have helped solve a riddle of centuries.  Where did all the silver go that the Spaniards pillaged from Mexican mines?  It has long been known that silver was being excavated from Mexican mines, but again... where did all this silver end up?  Well according to new studies and analysis reports, the silver ended up in British coins, commissioned by the Queen of England.  It adds hard evidence to the the theories that link transatlantic influx of silver to England.  Compounds such as silver and gold contain "fingerprints."  Using these "fingerprints" scientists have been able to determine that the silver in some English coins contained silver directly from Mexicans mines. Lead in the coins that were found showed that the silver ore in the coins was over 50 million years old!  

This brings me to my next point.  With silver abounding in Europe, why did the Queen have to have Mexican silver?  It's kind of like the current gas/oil crisis America is currently facing.  With so much oil available at home, why is the country still energy dependent?  Maybe one day we will know the answer.  Until then I have the answer to the first question for you. 

Okay, so as we have discussed all silver contains a fingerprint that will trace it back to its origins.  This silver obviously came from Mexico, but where was it before that?  A new item that we just got in also contains silver from Mexico and answers the question, "Why was this silver so important?"  Turns out that the silver from Mexico was a gift to the ancient Mayans, who have been around a lot longer than we think.  The silver was super charged with ancient alien energies including the secrets of time and space and the models for both the long and short count calendar.  The silver was energetically charged to teach the Mayans all that they knew, including the advanced technology that they acquired and have kept hidden from the eyes of the public. 

Those who are lucky enough to have a sampling of this silver and know how to go about activating the powers within it, will be amazed at what they stand to discover.  This silver is alchemically charged from an alien race that is far more advanced than we might ever be.  The properties in this silver allow you to increase the vantage point of your mind, raising your existence level, and increasing your cosmic intelligence.  It will allow you to use your mind to unlock the Mayan Time Grid. 

The silver that was given to the Mayans is alive.  It is a special type of silver that holds memories and if you use the silver the right way you can access these memories.  They hold vast amounts of secrets from ancient advanced technologies to secret powers and abilities.  It allows you to obtain the memories of existence from across the space-time continuum as recorded by the people who have worn the silver or who have been in possession of it.

This piece was made with the same Mexican silver that the Queen desired for obvious reasons.  It will allow you to open up the Mayan Time Grid to see into the properties of the silver you possess.  It will allow you the channel the silver's memories that is has absorbed along its history.  There is no telling what powers or abilities or secrets or technology or knowledge or so on and so on you might dig up.  This piece is pure adventure and allows you guaranteed abilities while still giving the option to discover your own!  This piece is one of a kind and you do not want to pass up its vast network of power and ancient alien information!   

One of the powers I now have is the midas touch as well as the ability to know what is going on behind closed doors. SOmetimes I can see but most times I just know! I'm still working with it and so far,I'm so happy!