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Among many medieval plague findings, this one has got to be the most unusual to say the least.  A skull was unearthed in Venice on 10 March 2009 near Venice Italy.  The skull was said to be a remnant of the plague, a woman who has succumbed to the terrible disease.  However, evidence to prove otherwise exists.  The evidence?  A stone brick. 

The partial body and skull of the medieval woman showed her jaw being forced open by a stone brick.  According to doctrine of the time, this practice was one used by the church to perform exorcisms on vampires.  I guess they figured that if you shove a brick in a vampire's mouth it won't be able to bite you?  I don't really know exactly what they were think and in retrospect it really isn't that important. 

This was a breakthrough finding, because it marks the first time that archaeological findings have pointed to a subject that has been interpreted as a suspected vampire.  The following item was sent to Haunted Curiosities in 2009 during the excavation by one of the excavation team members.  Having felt sensations from the item, the team was a little bit afraid to proceed with operations on the item.  They don't deal with the supernatural... just the old and antiquated.  The supernatural items are sent to people such as myself.  I am lucky enough to have been able to receive the item. 

The item that I received was a bone relic that was found next to the skull and partial body.  It was in perfect condition and it is unlike anything that I've ever seen in my many years working with the paranormal.  It gives off a distinct type of energy that is overwhelming and exciting at the same time.  It tampers with electricity and seems to draw in a mysterious type of quiet and ominous feeling.  I have decided that it would be best to keep the bone relic, because of the nature of the item and it antiquity involved.  I don't want to chance it being destroyed.  I'm not saying that you guys are careless, I'm just saying that this piece means a lot to me. 

However, I have duplicated the item to create a second item that holds the exact same abilities.  It is a newer item, as I obviously don't have many items laying around from the middle ages.  However, it holds the same energy as the original item that we received from the excavation team.

The energy in this item come from the soul of an ancient sanguine vampire.  The vampire only ever existed in spiritual form, but wished to attempt to save the life of the young woman he saw suffering from plague.  Thus, he inhabited her body and the villagers attempted to exorcise his presence from his "victim" who really wasn't a victim at all.  Either way, when he was finally cast out, his soul was sent into the chunk of bone that we received from the excavation team.  Here, it lied dormant until the excavation team picked it up and resurfaced it.  The vampire soul is back into full swing and is looking for something to help validate his existence. 

This piece will summon forth the sanguine vampire in soul form.  It will create a bond between the two of you with which you will share the vampire's soul and he will share your body. Together, you will form one being and you exhibit all the powers of a full sanguine vampire.  You will become immortal like the vampire, practice powers like the vampire, gain super human abilities such as a vampire would possess.  You will be connected to psychic network of vampires from whose abilities you can learn and perfect your own abilities.  As your bond grows stronger so will your energy and as your energy grows stronger the number abilities and powers you have will grow exponentially!! 

This is the perfect piece for that admirer of vampires who doesn't want to undergo the actual transformation.  It is the perfect opportunity to become what a vampire would become without actually having to change the nature of your existence!!