Department Zero, Part 2:  The Holographic Records
Department Zero, Part 2:  The Holographic Records
Department Zero, Part 2:  The Holographic Records

Department Zero, Part 2: The Holographic Records

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Department Zero, Part 2:  The Holographic Records

What was discovered in 2003 in the Bucegi Mountains was Earth shattering.  The investigation was probed by the CIA and Department Zero, after an alliance was forged among top-ranking military officials who had Masonic ties.  The investigation was commenced due to an anomaly found by United States satellite technology in the Pentagon.  The ancient Sphinx of the Bucegi mountaisn heralds the location where the anomaly can be found and the alliance of the CIA and Deparment Zero forged a co-op to investigate the anomaly.

Together, these two groups were able to pilot technology that extended deep into the anomaly that was otherwise unaccessible humans.  Inside chamber a remarkable discovery was made.  It was ancient technology, nothing that man created on his own; rather it was technology that was brought to the Earth and secured by the ancients.  It was a technology that was too far advanced for anybody of the times, so it was "buried" alive to hide the secrets that the technology exhibits by the only people that could actually understand what the heck it all meant-- the Transylvanians who had obtained the knowledge of the Moonwalkers. 

Inside of the core of the Romanian Sphinx is a tunnel that descends into the ground. At the center of the tunnel is where the chamber is located.  The technology that was found here was entire holographic library.  Some people like to call it a hall of holographic records, and that is fine.  I think of a hall of records as a limited source that gives some detail but not all.  The core of the Bucegi Sphinx has Library-- a wealth of information-- that can be holographically projected.  It was left here by the ancient Transylvanias in the chamber beneath the Sphinx.  The chamber itself is a apex of three tunnels that mysteriously lead into the ground.  One can only assume that the Transylvanias learned this from the Moonwalkers and have used the magic the Moonwalkers have taught them to rescind into the Earth until it is time for the Great Awakening.  The Great Awakening is the time that will come to pass when all human minds are enlightened and we all live at the summit of spirituality.  Until then, this ancient group lives in their spirituality, away from people that would otherwise dumb them down. 

In addition to the tunnels that are leading into the center of the Earth are tunnels that lead A.) back the Sixthgate Altar B.) to the Pyramids of Giza  C.) to holy shrines in Tibet and Naples and D.) ready for it??  The Vatican.  The connections between those who have held power and their ability to somehow access these secrets is obvious, I mean, the Vatican has held power over a massive group of people longer than any other government in the world.  The Egyptians before them did the same thing, only peacefully for the most part.  It's all relative.  Tibet holds some of the strongest magic in the world. 

This item is one that made during an extraction of power from the Chamber that holds the holographic library.  This item recreates the holographic library  for you.  In the library is an endless amount of teachings will pass by you like you were watching it on a movie screen.  You can use this piece to obtain any information you want.  You can use it to "travel" to any point in time that you want to replay an event or situation.  It contains all the secrets of the world and all the secrets to the powers and energies that you can use your existence to tap into.  You can become part of the holographic library using this piece as  once the holographic library is manifest to you, it is completely interactive, meaning you can feel free to explore the new holographic replication of space and time.  You can literally use this piece to feel, smell, hear, and experience any time or point in the history of the world!!  The powers in this piece are absolutely incredibly. 


Another word for the technology they found is called the Yellow Book. The Yellow book is what the holographic record is. You can transfer all the energy and info from the Yellow Book into any piece as long as it is not paper. We have one for the women and one for the men.