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Your getting an entire REAL skeleton with the coffin if you want the coffin. This real skeleton also still has a few hairs on it and most of it's teeth. We can box her up for you or you can pick her up and take the coffin too. If you only want the body we can ship her,if you want the coffin you must pick her up. This body has been investigated by the police so it is legal. She lived during Victorian times and she is haunted,not in a bad way. This can be used even in rituals and remember that buying just one leg bones can run over 300.00 alone so this is an entire body and not something fake made for med students but the real deal. If interested I can text you pictures or eventually add them here as I forgot to take them.


I have drove around with her in my car but stopped because the cops kept pulling me over and it was a hassle. She likes going on rides. If you check back next week on Monday I should have pictures up.