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We are living in one of the great eras in all human history. Issues of peace and war, poverty and abundance, of racial, political and industrial conflict face us on every side. Religious divisions and the clash between age and youth are likewise prominent, and underlying all is the basic conflict between material and spiritual values, between self-interest and world service.

And yet there is a universal recognition that mankind is entering a New Age. Science has made the world one and human knowledge and intelligence are greater than ever before. Countless movements based on goodwill are attempting to create a better world and there is a growing recognition of humanity's essential unity.

The decisive question today is whether humanity can solve its problems before they get out of control. The race is on for the future of mankind and only the men and women of goodwill in the world can guarantee a successful outcome. How therefore can the men and women of goodwill combine their strengths in a united world service in these critical times?

Men have the power, through focused united invocation to affect world events. The massed thought power of the men and women of goodwill can create a channel of communication between God and man through which spiritual energies can flow to heal and rebuild a troubled world. It is this power, properly used and directed, that can be humanity's "saving force".

For a number of years Triangles has been working to mobilizable and unite the thought power of men and women of goodwill. The method is very simple. Three people agree to unite *mentally* each day to invoke the power of light and goodwill in service to humanity. They form a triangle, the universal symbol of divinity. Each member of a triangle can form other triangles, and in this way a network of enlightened thought and goodwill encompasses the earth. The network of triangles thus formed:

... provides a channel for the circulation of constructive thought

... is a means of transforming the spiritual climate of the planet

... is a medium for the distribution of spiritual energies, lifting and transforming human life and consciousness.

Today men and women of goodwill of every religion and philosophy, and every race and political conviction, are working in the Triangles network, finding a unity in prayer and invocation that transcends all differences of outer belief.

Raviniska found this piece while in a state of conscious polymerization. She was in the Otopsen Realm and was invigorated with the powers of this piece.

You will be invoked with the fulfillment of merging the communication powers between the Realms, including Heaven; thus allowing you communication with those who have passed.

This will also enrich you with the formulation of the network of triangles~


* Background information for research provided by: Lucis Trust