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The artist Leonardo hated the Holy family that he risked a heretic's terrible death in order to incorporate blasphemous and outrageous symbols in his works.<br /><br />

He portrayed little Jesus apparently pulling the ears off the lamb that represented the Baptist, and depicted Jesus' limb cutting across its vulnerable neck.<br /><br />

Also, have you ever noticed the disciple in the Last Supper who is thrusting the John guesture into Christ's oblivious face as if he is hissing "Remember John."<br /><br />

Why did he have this hatred? There is evidence excised in the passages from St. Mark's Gospel. This surfaced the innocent Clement's letter of Jesus' female Beloved: 'And the sister of youth whom Jesus loved and his mother and Salome were there, and Jesus did not receive them."<br /><br />

Also a more significant deduction can be discerned in those lines. 'Salome' is mentioned; Jesus is known to have had a female disciple of that name. Indeed in the Gnostic Gospel of Thomas she appears in a bizarre little scene in which she and Jesus exchange religious ideas while both lying with some intimacy on her couch. Her name also crops up in the list of female disciples in the New Testament, but only once.<br /><br />

Of course there is another Salome connected with biblical events, although contrary to popular opinion she remains resolutely anonymous in the Gospels. In fact, Herod's step-daughter who dances the dance of the seven veils and demands the Baptist's head is only named in Josephus' Antiquities of the Jews - which is strange, for if Josephus knew her identity, the Gospel writers also must have known it. <br /><br />

For some reason they omitted her name, and the redactors of the New Testament thought to remove the otherwise innocent verse that ended up in  Professor Morton Smith's hands at MarSaba, in which she is named as part of Jesu's inner circle, a friend of his mother and the Magdalene. Why was Salome's very identity deemed so potentially disasterous to the Christian cause as to be edited out of the New Testament?<br /><br />

A resonance is found in her legendary Dance of the Seven Veils. As noted by researcher Barb Walker, 'the Dance of the Seven Veils was an integral part of the sacred drama, depicting the death of the surrogate-king, his descent into the underworld, and his retrieval by the Goddess, who removed one of her seven garments at each of the seven underworld gates.'<br /><br />

The sacred seven is repeated in Mary Magdalene's 'seven devils', allegedly cast out of her by Jesus - and which the Gospel writers are keen to mention at any given opportunity.<br /><br />

We have learned that the male disciples had no idea about the significance of either the anointing or the anointer, and so the sacred drama, once again, became garbled and dismissively sexist. This is because it involves female power, the sacred seven is transmuted into either a strip-tease or posession by demons.<br /><br />

There are so many questions that are debated and disputed based from the passages of the Bible. <br /><br />

Today we face tragedy daily due to attributed of ambuigity that result from these misunderstandings. There are issues based off of sexuality, race and religion. <br /><br />

We have encountered a relic box that holds transmissive powers of enlightenment. The sterling box has the power to bring you the understanding of the past. You will get the answers to your longing questions when you deposit them within this piece.<br /><br />

This is cast from ancient silver that was originally noted to be part of the cups from the last supper; some details remain, but most was melted down and reinstated. The energies and envisionment of divinty still exist.<br /><br />

This is an awesome piece that will grant your mind the knowlege of the controversial passages of debate that are noted as our most religious book of history!<br /><br />