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The first time we drove down to New Orleans Deedee gave me a piece.  The only thing she told me about the piece is that it's called a time bomb.  To use it, I simply take the piece from out of my pocket or wherever I happen to have it and drop it on the ground.  It allows time to stand still until you pick it up from the ground.  She didn't tell me where she got this piece from or how long she had it.  She simply told me that in New Orleans, it would probably be useful.  Well, she was right about the useful part.  As far as waiting until we got to New Orleans for it becoming useful... I didn't have to wait that long at all.  
Obviously we don't drive down to New Orleans in a straight shot.  We make a few stops to rest for the night until the following morning when we hit the road again.  We were staying at a King's Inn outside of Bristol, which is a town that exists half in Virginia and half in Tennessee.  The best part about staying in the motel is that there was a Krystal Burger right down the street.  Trust me, we love our Krystals.
The area we were staying in was heavily wooded, so naturally, behind the Krystal burger there was a small area of grass that led to a wooded area.  Deedee sent me down to the Krystal Burger to buy some fresh steamy little morsels of goodness.  As I turned into the parking lot, though, I could help but see this figure run off into the woods.  Now, you know me, curiosity always gets the better of me.  That's why Deedee has kept me around for this long.  I'm good at what I do.  Immediately, I parked the car.  Thank God I was in Deedee's car, because I quick grabbed a vessel, in case I needed one.  
I trudged off into the woods.  The locals must've have thought I was crazy, because there were several off them pointing off to the tree line.  They surely had seen what I had seen.  As I crept through the woods, I could feel the energy emanating and I could tell the entity was close.  I didn't know what I was likely to see.  It could've been Bigfoot for all I knew at this point, but I didn't care.  I was already there and I was so close that I couldn't turn back. 
As I walked I could see where branches has been snapped and the foliage had been trampled upon.  It was clear to me just how big this beast had been.  I kept on making my way through the woods.  My lungs felt like they were about to burst at any moment.  This is when I looked up and there, standing right in front of me, was a hairy beast.  It stood, kind of humanoid, with the head of a wolf.  It's eyes glowed a greenish color in the dark of the woods.  I was feel its hot breath breathing down into my face.  It smelled like rotted carcass.  I wanted to scream, but I couldn't do anything.  I began to back away slowly as the wolf dropped down to all fours instead of standing upright like it had previously been doings.  It began to snarl and all I could do was think about how I was going to be its next meal.  The beat lunged.  
I quickly remembered that Deedee had given me the time bomb piece.  I dropped to my knees in just enough time not to get my head taken off, throwing the piece to the ground.  Time stood still and the beast was frozen in mid-air, mouth open, showing all of its sharp teeth with which it intended to tear me apart.  It had claws the size of rulers.  It must've caught me slightly on my shoulder because I could feel the warm blood trickling down my arm. 
I inspected the body from head to foot, paying particular attention to the eyes.  In the eyes I could see something different.  It was like a duality of presence.  I couldn't quite make it out, I laid my hand on the beasts forehead, where in a human the third eye would have been located.  In this moment I was not shown a beast, but rather a sixteen year old boy.  In being shown his etymology, I could see that he was of native descent.  He happened to be the seventh son of the seventh son of a Cherokee Chief.  At the age of 16, he was imbued with what most people would see as a gift, but he hated it.  To him it was a horror, because he could not control the gift.  The gift I am talking about, of course, is shape-shifting.
With the piece that I had taken from the car, I extracted the teenager's power.  In a transference of power, I set the ability into this piece and watched as his body changed from a raging wolf, back to his human form.  I then set his body on the ground and picked up my time bomb.  When he came too, he remembered nothing, so I explained to him what was going on-- that I knew his secret.  He seemed a little embarrassed, but I gave him some clothes and assured him that his days of shape-shifting were over.  Then, I took him where he needed to go and then went back to Krystal's for my morsels of goodness.  
When Deedee asked what had taken me so long, I explained to her what had happened.  She then petted me on the head, told me I was a good boy, and ask for some Krystal's it was a good time.  Now, we are offering this piece for sale, which we are calling the ability of Seventh Son Shape-Shifting.  With this piece, you will be given a natural ability to shape-shift, but we have altered it to where you have full control over it.  What's more, is you can do more than just a wolf, too.  Whether dead or alive, you can use this piece to take the form of anything you want.