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As I'm sure you all know, wealth is one of the main powers that a lot of our customers are searching for.  In today's world, we live in a society where the wealth is controlled by the top 1% of the world.  There are corporations that are umbrellas of even larger and richer corporations.  The people who control these corporations are the ones that gain all of the wealth.  It is just how it happens in today's capitalistic society.  There are only three ways to the top, as I see it; and by the top I mean the tip-top.  I'm not talking about, ohhhh-- I found a lottery ticket worth $1M.  I'm talking about wealth that renews itself, that keeps coming even when you aren't looking for it.  I'm talking about wealth that is held by the people who rule the world-- people like the Cavendishes and the Kennedies and the Windsors and the Rockefellers and the Rothschilds.  I'm talking about the families that own the rest of humanity.  This is the kind of wealth I'm talking about.
These three ways to the top are as follows.  You can either be born into the wealth, like Paris Hilton or the Kardashians.  They have done absolutely nothing to have privilege.  They were born into it.  You can know somebody who has influence.  You will probably have to kiss their ass a bit and tell them how great they are, but if you know somebody who is on the inside, the likelihood is that they can pull enough strings to get you there, too.  The fact that you have to brown nose your way there may or may not be your style.  Then, again, they may just be looking for some casual no-strings-attached fun, in which case carry on.  However, if you are born into it and you aren't willing to brown nose or sleep your way into it, there is one more way to  get.  Gain the types of magic that these families have procured for years to gain the wealth they have.  You don't think that these people woke up one day and were like, "I'm going to hit it rich today!!," do you?  No, they have magic and this magic gives them the wealth that they desire, the wealth that they crave, the wealth that leaves them wanting for nothing else ever again in their life.  
About six or seven years ago, we went on want we called a wealth tour. We didn't tell anybody about this, because we didn't really want anyone to know.  We wanted to take our time and make sure that these items really worked before we listed them to the website. I can tell you that these items have been tested thoroughly.  Each one of these items comes from a different culture.  If you've ever seen the Food Network channel and you've watched one of those special, where they travel the world in search of rare food, this is kind of what we did.  Instead, we traveled the world in search of rare wealth items.  They are items that will bring you wealth and prosperity to the point that you will never have to worry again.  You will never have a financial burden again.  All of your monetary concerns will be eliminated, due to the wealth that these pieces bring you.  We did eat good food also, but aside from the fact that we are foodies and we find our food magical, there is nothing else magical about the food-- but we loved it.  Now on to the pieces.    
The Chinese are probably some of the most superstitious people in the entirety of Earth.  I'm not saying this as a stereotype, I'm saying this because it is really true.  These superstitions have followed them for years.  Some of them are completely and entirely false.  Then there are those that dead accurate and spot on.  These are the superstitions that, despite the ones that may not be really, end up bringing the Chinese the majority of their magic.  When you think about the ancient Chinese, magic is pretty much the bedrock of their existence, which means they obviously had to be doing something right.  
Consider the following.  The Chinese people often saw bats as a symbol of wealth.  Okay, those of you who aren't little girls and didn't run away from the computer screaming because I said bats-- to the victor goes the spoils.  There is an ancient seal in which "Shou" is surrounding by five bats.  It symbolizes wealth.  
Here's the reason why.  Bats have very good extra-sensory perception.  They perceive things and know things that aren't visible to the human eye.  Why do you think they have no probably fly around like lunatic birds at night?  They have a sonar device built into them.  That is no superstition.  That is the truth.  They also have a particularly keen sense for feng-shui powers. 
Feng-Shui powers are those inside of our bodies.  They are a direct result of Chi, which are the universal powers that permeate the universe around us.  Filtering our Chi and getting in touch with our own selves is how we master our feng-shui.  Mastering our feng-shui can bring many things to use as humans-- one of those things being wealth!!  
When in China, we hired a tour guide to show us around an ancient cave in China.  Knowing what our sole purpose was for being in the cave, the tour guide led us straight to a place that is nicknamed by the locals as "Cave of Bats" simply due to the amount of bats that call this place home.  Makes sense right?  It should also make sense then, too, that there was an astronomical amount of chi energy in the location in which the bats were.  
We extract a lot, not all, of the chi power that was in the cave.  We put it into this piece.  NOW, when you wear the piece, the chi energy of this piece will react with the feng shui energy in your body.  It will put your body in a constant state of harmony, where you yin matches your yang.  You will be in a state of evenness and duality, where your inner self will become enlightened. This will provide many great things for you include spiritual enlightenment, the awakening of your inner-self.  But since this is a wealth piece we will focus on that.  
This piece awakens your inner balance that will cure all of your imperfections and spiritual blemishes.  This is when your feng-shui is most powerful.  Feng-shui has long been known for its ability to summon vast and epic amounts of wealth for the individual who has experience enlightenment.  As such, when you wear this piece, you will become your own wealth magnet.  All you have to do is walk into a room and all the wealth energy in that room will be yours.  This will bring you wealth from all directions, in many different forms.  This is wealth that knows no end, for as long as you wear the piece, your body is in perfect harmony and wealth will abide within you.