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What could be more enchanting than an island whose boulders, caves, and shoreline provide a dramatic landscape-- one that is fit to be on a postcard or prominently displayed on a calendar somewhere?  Only an island that boasts these grandiosities and has an ancient lore of witch craft associated with it.  This is why the first visit to this island wasn't enough.  We had to go back, if not to find more evidence, to enjoy the scenery and the dark mystique.  The quiet resonates in this place and I know that this seems a bit strange, but when you are alone in the quiet for a long time, even the quiet begins to sound like something.  Maybe it's just a part of the charm of the whole place.  
Of course, the actual name of the island is Bla Jungfrun, but we don't really like to say this.  You know Deedee has a way of coming up with nicknames for people and place unlike anybody else is the world.  She calls socks knock-knits.  I'll never understand it.  Perhaps it's more comprehensible that she calls this island Witchery Wharf, despite the fact that very few ships ever visit this place.  I guess the standard Witchcraft Island that most people have adopted was just to unoriginal for her.  
The island has adopted the name Witchcraft Island for the tales of locals, who claim that every year on Easter, a conglomerated group of witches meets to seek advice and magic from Satan himself.  You know how that goes, though.  It's the whole "heard it through the grapevine" thing.  Part of this legend is true, part of it is false.  There is plenty of evidence that supports supernatural activity on the island.  A site as old as the Stone Age was recovered where rituals were performed some 9,000.  In fact it was a series of caves that was discovered, complete with sacrificing altars and instruments to get the whole job done.  I imagine that for 9,000 years ago, this place was pretty state-of-the-art.  You know how time goes, though.  Things begin to crumble and wither away, especially after the passing of 9 millennia.  Not Witchery Wharf,though.  This place has maintained a beautiful type of preservation, most presumably due to the amount of power and energy that can be found in the place.  Given its proven history, this should come as no shock.  
Like I said before.  When you are in utter silence, even the silence begins to make a sound.  When we stayed at Witchery Wharf this past time, I though this is what happened.  I was in bed at my campsite when I couldn't help but to hear a voice singing.  It was melodic and beautiful, unlike anything I had ever heard before.  I can't say that it was singing as much as it was chanting.  The best way I can really describe it is it was like that Gregorian Chant stuff people listen to when they can't sleep at night, save for the fact that this voice was clearly coming out of a woman.  I couldn't help but think that I was going nuts, so I threw my clothes back on and my sneakers and headed off into the woods with a flashlight.  
I followed the sound of the voice, which if anybody knows me, they know this is a miracle in and of itself.  I don't typically hear things.  I have a hearing deficiency and I piss people off on a regular basis with my onslaught of "huhs" and "whats" that typically follows any conversation.  But I could hear this voice; I hear the voice loud and clear.  It didn't just sing to my ears, but it sang to my inner being, like is was magnetically attracting me on purpose, pulling me in like a rusty nail.  I walked for what seemed like miles and then the sound of the voice came to an apex.  From where I was at, I could clearly hear the voice echoing from a cave that was no more than 500 feet to my left.  I followed the voice into the cave.  In the center of the cave, which was pretty much dark, except for my flashlight, I made out the figure of a statue.  It was a very stately looking statue, but the confusing part is this is not one of the caves that was on the archaeologists' list of places that needed to be researched.  This was a different cave entirely.  It didn't take me long to realize that the music that I was hearing was coming out of the statue; the statue was singing the melodic song that I had heard all the way back where we made our camp for the night.  
The song of the statue pierced my ears with its beautiful melody.  I remember leaving camp around midnight.  It was 12:03 AM to be precise and as I listened to the music I was thinking to myself that it must've been an hour that I was gone, but when I looked down at my watch I noticed that it had stopped at 12:03-- down to the second hand being in the proper positioning to welcome the minute into the world.  I tapped my watch to see if maybe that would make a difference.  As the music pierced my ears, I was put into a state of stupor, almost like it was intoxicating my soul.  I feel to my knees and became hallucinogenic.  I traveled back into time, into the dark void of the universe.  Nothing was created, there was no light.  The only think that there existed in the place was me and the song that I heard, which was almost deafening in my ears, a constant roar.  
I couldn't see it clearly, but off from off in the distance there came a light.  At first it was blinding, but it only took a few moments to get used to.  Then, I could see the world illuminated from the hazy mist of nothing in which I existed.  Then, I could feel myself being pulled to the Earth as if by gravity, until I was finally on the Earth.  In the following minutes I watched everything on Earth play out before my eyes, as if it were a movie on the big screen.  There was no aspect of time that I did not see, although this thought seems nearly impossible.  I cannot rightfully explain it myself.  It was like I was on the outside looking in.  I could see all of time, I knew everything that happened, down to the very last detail.  Despite all this, I wasn't actually part of it, I was just there as it happened.  I saw things that people can only read about in history books.  I was there, I experienced it.  I can't really explain how, but I did.  I saw every last detail and could feel every last emotion and every last power and energy.  It was like I was there, but I wasn't actually there.  It was a strange feeling.  
Then, there was the stone statue.  She is the one that knows all things.  She is called time and has stood the test of all ages.  She is the physical embodiment of goddesses like Isis and Ishtar.  She is the granter of all knowledge.  It only took but a glance for me to realize that the same statue I was seeing is the statue that was singing to me from the cave.  How she got here I'll never know, but it was here that she existed.  Perhaps she was given to the ancient witches of this island as a gift? Perhaps she was summoned her from some sort of materialized spell.  I don't know.  All I know is that she sings the song of time, which is like the song of the siren.  It is sweet and melodic, but those who hear it might just get caught up in the annals of time, never to return.  She doesn't care, she keeps on singing, because if she stops then all time stops.  It will all be lost.  She mostly sings in subliminal tones, those which cannot be heard by mortal ears.  The fact that I could hear her is proof that she meant to communicate with me.  She was calling out to me, telling me to come get lost in time with her.  It was me she wanted, for some reason or another.  Luckily for me, in the end, I began to hear another voice.  It was Deedee calling my name.  As time swirled around in my head, I could hear Deedee calling my name, even feel her prodding at me smacking my cheeks, telling me to wake up.  It slowly but surely brought me back to consciousness and when I awoke the voice from the statue had ceased.  Rays of light flooded the cave and, in fact, the statue was nowhere to be found.    
I spent the majority of that day trying to explain to Deedee what exactly had happened.  She figured that our time on Witchery Wharf was just about spent, that we should head back to the mainland.  When we were back on the mainland we stopped at a small market.  I was thirsty so I stuffed my fists down into my pocket to pull out some change fore a soda.  Amidst the change I retrieved from my pockets was a small item.  I could feel the power from the previous night's encounter radiating from piece.  It must have heard the same song that I did.  I gave it to Deedee who tested the piece.  After she was done with the testing, which didn't take long due to the amount of energy the piece embodies, she knew exactly what I had been through.  There was no more talk of the situation and no more need to explain.  She already knew, because the piece gave her the same experience that I had the night before.  Since the energy was in the piece and the piece is just a token of magic, she was able to come out of it at her own free will.  It was not like my experience where she ran the risk of becoming trapped in time.  In fact, with the piece, she found, that she controlled the entire experience.  
She went into further detail.  With this piece, you can use it to manifest the presence of whom we call the Stone Witch.  She is a Time Witch-- not even a time witch but THEE time witch.  She was formless in the beginning of it all.  She was a formless entity who came to the Earth upon its creation.  Therefore, she knows all and she will show you all.  There is not a fraction of time that she has not seen, because she is the Eyes of the Earth.  She sees all, she knows all.  She will show you anything that you want to see-- whether it is Noah riding out the stormy seas or Vlad the Impaler undergoing his vampire transformation.  Whether you want to see what really happened when the Virgin Mary appeared to the children at Fatima, or you want to see who created the monolith Stonehenge and for what purpose.  Whatever you want to see, she will show you.  
As such, you can use this piece to gain whatever power and ability that you want.  She can take you to any time and place, whereby you can gain the presence of any power.  It's not like you even have to take an item with you, because there is plenty of room in this piece and it will hold all the powers that you want it to-- all the powers that you will discover with this piece.  Not sure where to travel in time to obtain a certain power that you really want?  Not to worry, when you wear this piece, the Stone Witch, the Eyes of the Earth, will show herself to you in her full stone form.  You can ask her for anything.  If it has happened, there is a time and place that it happened and if you ask her, she will take you there.  Once you get there, you will have full access to the power that you want to obtain.  It is pretty simply and yet very powerful in that it can literally bring about anything that you ask for.  What's not to love about that?!