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Follow the WORD

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Channeling the Avalons and the Disciples brings about many propsects of argument between the human race. There are many who simply feel as if they are the controllor and life is what they make it, they do not feel there is a higher force helping to guide us and bless us!

Then there are those who do believe, many who have had personal experiences with angelic allure and Godly visions... they want to spread the Gospel and share their glory with others, but that sediment of disbelief still lingers. For many it is an issue with, "if I cannot see it, I do not believe it!"

Ther have been any who have wanted so badly to help a friend, or loved one see the truth -- understand the testaments and believe in the glory of Heaven, but how do you break through the instances of blockage that will not associate the remnants of miracles, powers of a divine nature and blessings that change lives? This piece is the answer you have been looking for! It will supply the understanding of the words of the Bible and generate how the prophecies of yesterday are to be acknowledged, used and applied in today's world.

Just like a science book from 20 years ago, new things have been uncovered, things develop and change and the information has some aspects of truth, but no longer means what it once did because new findnings and discoveries have imparted change!

This pendant floods the person who connects with it; the facets of ritual blessings, and assetion, of understanding what the Glory of God stood for then and still stands for today. Unify the changes in the world, the technological advances and remittance of human knowledge an allow yourself to be imparted with the true "word" of God, and instill a new beginning to your outlook on life!

There is no need to argue relgious views with anyone, as you will understand the remnants of your life and be able to live according to the Gospel with the alterations of time advancement!

This is a very cool piece~