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This is your chance to get an amazing piece at a phenomenal price! We have uncovered an extreme force in a relic power box that was stuffed full of enriched items.

The box held many drawers, each of which held incredible pieces. The pieces were tested and were showcased to bring forth different powers and abilities. Each section was sanctioned with pieces that did certain things!

These are truly very strong items and you will receive a piece that was within the box. Lindy will select an item from the appropriate area of the Empire Box to format what you wish. There are many items in each section, so we could not separately list each piece, so they are listed by what they do!

Please know that Lindy will select a great item for you -- and you will love it~!

You will receive one of the fascinating items that hold telekinetic energy! These are formulated with the ability to manipulate and control objects with your mind, often in ways not visible to the naked eye. Are you too tired to get up for a drink? Want your slippers and do not have a dog to fetch them? Well with the empowerment of one of these items you will be charged with the ability to move things and control items with your thoughts and energies of the mind!