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One of America's most famous actors stood on a train platform in Jersey City. He was among a crown of people about to get on board a train. As the crowd pressed forward to enter one of the coaches, the train unexpectedly started with a jolt, rolling a few feet before it stopped. The actor saw a young man lose his balance, and begin to fall helplessly between the platform and the moving car.

Thinking quickly, the actor reached down and grabbed the young fellow by the collar, pulling him to safety. The grateful young man recognized his celebrity savior, "whose face was of course well known to me, and I expressed my gratitude to him, and in doing so, called him by name."

It is only later that the two men recognized the haunting irony.

The actor was Edwin Booth.. his younger brother, John Wilkes Booth, assassinated President Lincoln the following spring. And the young man who he pulled to saftey, and life he saved... was Robert Todd Lincoln, Abraham Lincoln's son!

The ironic feat that unraveled is something that truly was a mystical demeanor -- one brother saves a life -- the other takes one~

This piece is faceted on this power -- the aspect of irony. The implemented stones have been spellcast with realization integrities from a Sorcerer and this will bring forth the  meanings behind the encounters that you have in your life. Often we meet people and do not realize the purpose of why they crossed our path - now with this empowered piece, you will not only understand, but be able to utilize the knowledge to your best abilitiy to bless your life!

This is a fantastic piece that will come in handy ALL THE TIME~

Awesome gift idea, as you can give this stunning piece and the person will not even need to know about the magic, and then as they have incredible realizations about their daily lives they will share with you all the great things that have encompassed them, and you will know that you helped all the blessings occur in their life!