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These earrings are of alien descent. They were found in a farmers field and are believed to have been left there after a UFO sighting. The pieces hold the encryption of another world -- when you wear them, and bond with them, you are opening yourself to be pulled up and examined by    the alien lifeforms that hold power over the earrings!

Deedee tested these and recalls an encounter of being in a stark white room with creatures all around, she said they were odd, but not scary ---  she learned that these were left to purposely bring humans into their world. You are now the owner of the portal.

You simply need to wear the earrings, and after several times of them being worn you will experience a shift in your soul and your spirit will be   lifted out. You will feel the urge to take a nap during the day... one day make time for this--- that is when you will most likely be lifted and be able to experience the power.

Deedee had a vision about the earrings and that is why she kept wearing them, but was not taken until having worn these over 20 different times.You will immediately be able to feel energy from these, but  be patient with obtaining the experience with the alien lifeforms. We are not sure what will happen if you continuously wear them after your first encounter... that is when Deedee stopped.

So you may be able to learn all their secrets or experience more about our creatures of another world~!

** These work for non-pierced ears, and also could be used by men as cufflinks!