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Do you know why doctors check for your pulse on your wrist and at your neck? Of course it is because this is where the strongest arteries are that will allow them to check your health! This is also why jewelry items are invocative pieces of strength for mystical magic... as areas that the pieces touch are unified with strong surges that will easily enter your body.

This piece showcases the impediance of that guessture --- because by wearing this on your wrist the blessings of this item will implore upon your spirit and generate a sensationalized force that will impart money into your life!

Currently the Powerball Jackpot is over $425 million dollars... and who wouldn't want a piece of that? This is a money bracelet that absorbs the blissful energies that come forward from the spectrum of the Universal forcefields.

This will pull into you the money that you need! I was running low on money and was stressing out about bills that needed to be paid, and then I got my mail and there was a check in there form my credit card company! I had to look at it twice, but they refunded me for a credit protection plan that I had paid on for over 3 years... they said I never fully utilized the plan and thus refunded ALL my money!

It could not have come at a better time!! Most people think that these are just funny coincidences, but we know better -- these are blessings... blessings from the Universal glory of the realms -- and this bracelet is a channeling piece to enrich you from those forces!

If you have a need, this bracelet will assert the surge to bring you monetary assistance~!

*This is a smaller bracelet, but an extender can easily be added, or you can clip it to the ends of a chain and wear it as a necklace to impart the connection!!