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Shai’s Negation

Alright, let’s all be real with each other. There most likely is not a single person that can honestly say that they have zero skeletons in their closet. We have all done things that we aren’t necessarily proud of. You know, those types of things that wouldn’t on Facebook for the world to see and you definitely wouldn’t tell your grandparents. We are faced, on a daily basis with living with the decisions of our past. They can come back to haunt us frequently. But what if there was a way we could alter our mistakes to make them better or omit them altogether? Well, there is. Read on, unless you are one of those who honestly have zero skeletons.

This power comes from an ancient form of Egyptian magic and casts a spell that calls upon the God Shai. Shai is the god of destiny and fortune. He will bring you positive influence. He will protect you both spirituall and physically. He is an ambivalent deity and will follow you from the moment of spiritual rebirth that he is going to grant you. He will give you deified counsel and guide your path in life towards success and good fortune.

He will take pity upon your soul and grant you the ability to scratch out the things in life that you are less than proud of, by giving you the ability to travel on the astral plane to the time of a particular incident. You will be given the power of Shai's magic as a means of casting a negation spell upon your own life, weeding out your actions and the negative consequences that surround it. Your life may change slightly or remain the same, but when it is all said and done, in the after life your Karma will be completely clean, gaining you a better ethereal balance and admittance into a higher form of Heaven. You can think of this piece as a type of "afterlife" insurance.

Additionally, Shai will remain with you throughout the entirety of you r destiny and will provide you with a companion to help you make it through the toughest of times, even the afterlife. You will receive one of the pieces that are pictured here.