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There are areas of life that sometimes just do not seem to make sense. Often we question why other people feel certain ways, or how they could possibly have the mindset, and outlook, that they do.<br /><br />

Over the past few years we have discovered that along with the molecules of energy that are constant in the Universe, that there are radioactive forcefields that bond with human spirits to re-align their lives.<br /><br />

Those who are aware that their life is being re-directed and taken off track have ventured out to find a protective covering to help them feel safe.<br /><br />

Most people never even know that they have been led astray, but simply feel that they are having a vat of 'bad luck'.... however we know the truth and had an enchantress develop a spell to keep our minds clear and noble. <br /><br />

We can now offer you the same protection with this piece --- you just need to wear it and the forcefield will omit a variance around your aura, allowing you to be safe from the radioactive components of dismay!<br /><br />