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We have recently received an extraordinary private collection of products. This collection is a multi-million dollar contribution of power.<br /><br />

With the amount of orders from the Black Friday Sale, we have limited testing time for this whole collection; we simply know that the items are all of white light and many showcase divinity and creative outlets.<br /><br />

So we are going to list the pieces at great prices to allow you to test and unveil the blessings that the item holds.<br /><br />

Each piece has been proven to work -- so we know you will be happy with the purchase.<br /><br />

The energies have been felt for contemplation of what the piece will ensure, but full testing procedures have not been performed --- this will make the enrichment even more exciting.<br /><br />

This is an opportunity to obtain a great piece at an amazing value~!<br /><br />

*The energies in this item resonate with visionary blessings. Just touching this precludes psychic visions -- this will most likely grant you knowledge of the past, present and future. Time to start using the piece; get it while you can!<br /><br />