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From the instant we are born there are people planning out our futures... there are dreams made for us, that we may never fulfil. Most times these are dreams that others desire for themselves, but never get to make come true!

Another thing is that we develop our fundamental likes as we get older, and so more often than not we feel like we missed out on things when we were younger.

As we all know, things are easier to learn and understand when we are a child. So lets say you have a passion for music and you never were given the opportunity to play an instrument, it is harder to pick it up as an adult... and so with frustrations often comes defeat!

Well do not worry about all the things that "might have been", as we have the key to your chosen destiny! This piece allows you to unlock all that you feel that you have missed out on! If you wish that you had more time to try new things, then with this your wish shall be granted.

You can utilize the force in this piece to embark on new twists and turns in your life to impede the desires that you have had come forward over the years.

Open the door to your future success by holding the key in your hand --- NOTHING is impossible and uable to be completed by you once you have this in your presence!